New Arrival WiFi Smart Mirror With Large Touch Screen and Built-in Speakers

WiFi Smart Mirror | Mirror with Touch Screen and Speakers

Item No.: Vercon-M10
The New Generation WiFi Smart Mirror with 21.5 inch Touch Screen, Android-Powered Smart Mirror with HiFi Speakers. Support Wall-mounted installation and Free Standing.


Touch Screen Smart Mirror With WiFi


The smart mirror, as known as the magic mirror, can provide extremely amazing internet functions to traditional mirrors.
The truly smart mirror is always integrated with an LCD or LED touch screen (some of them are not touchable). 
The Screen will appear behind the mirror while you touch it, what's more, it displays various online information, such as weather, news, traffic, even your social media... get yourself ready for the day.


How WiFi Smart Mirror Works

The Smart Mirror not just with touch screen, but also micro smart mirror computer is hidden behind. The smart mirror computer is the brain of smart mirrors.

Smart mirrors combine with the latest smart touch technology and one-way glass mirror. The hidden smart components connect with the digital display behind the glass.

The smart mirror supports connection to your smart home or other smart devices via Bluetooth or WiFi. 

Through this way, you can easily get information for your days, such as date, time, weather, online news, favorite music, and popular videos, even your traveling plan, and social media updates...

Smart Mirror Components

Smart Mirror Technical Specifications
size 23.6”x31.5x0.78" CPU RK3288
60x80x2cm Main Frequence Quad-Core 1.8Hz
Touch screen size 21.5inch Touch Screen RAM 2G
Resolution 1920 x RGB x 1080 Flash Memory 16GB (64G optional)
Brightness 750cd/m2 Certificates 3C/CE/FCC/ROHS/UL/ETL
Life Span > 25,000 hours OTG/USB Yes
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Speaker Yes, 2 built-in Speakers
Power input 110 ~240V, 50/60Hz Waterproof True IP65 grade

Mirror with WiFi Connection

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what's the latest news today? The magic mirror really happens today, Vercon smart mirrors are designed for you to get ready for the day.

Due to the WiFi connection, enable the glass mirror with WiFi connected. While you speak or touch the mirror screen, the mirror connects various information from the Internet, tells you what you expect to see, such as weather, news, music, video.

There is no doubt this smart mirror WiFi connection changes the world. It provides the best morning for your lifestyle and comfortable bathroom times.

Adjustable Light Smart Mirror

The Smart WiFi Mirror has LED built-in the mirror, and on-mirror touch control the brightness. This is a completely different function compares with traditional physical touch mirrors.

The touch screen mirror with an Android-based smart light application supports infinitely adjustment of brightness, you can just any brightness light as you wish.

Multi-Media Center of Smart Mirror

Such a unique smart mirror means everything to the bathroom. It's a one-way mirror that comes with a 21.5-inch touch screen, high definition IPS monitor. 

On the other hand, the mirror is powered by the Android system, hence to comply with all kinds of smart applications, such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, ESPN...

There is more meaning of Smart Mirror with WiFi Capabilities, it enables you instant approach the favorite social media, provide live steaming things. Such a great pleasure to check your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media updates.

About Vercon Smart Mirror

Vercon Smart mirror adopts the most professional mirror display technology, which can perfectly combine the touch screen mirror, sensor, and intelligent operating system, providing the display interaction and IOT functions for our mirrors, which became the "fourth screen" outside the computer, TV and mobile phone.

By connecting the Wi-Fi and i-cloud technology solutions, allow you to listen to music, watch video or programs, read news & information, check present weather, traffic information, social media message, screencasting, personal schedule, health management, even control other smart devices.