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Vercon Smart Mirror Vision


Vercon - The Leading smart mirror manufacturer in China


Vercon always pursuit the most reliable product, long-term partner. Vercon has built up a long-term cooperation relationship with the groups in the world.

the leader in the smart display industry, we have always been committed to the development of more stable products, more advanced technology, more evening services, and together with our partners to promote the popularization and development of smart bathroom mirrors.

At present, consumers do not have a clear understanding of smart bathroom mirrors, and many people do not know what smart bathroom mirrors are. Of course, there are many reasons for this problem. There is no complete definition in the industry. Most factories use LED light mirrors with USB music playback and temperature probes to display temperature, which is called smart bathroom mirrors.

In fact, these mirrors cannot be regarded as smart bathroom mirrors at all, they can only be a traditional music player mirror, and we will continue to popularize consumers' understanding and definition of our smart bathroom mirrors.

On the other hand, we have to continuously optimize our production costs and compress the price of smart bathroom mirrors to a price that every family can afford, just like smartphones and smart TVs.

Imagine the vision that when every family installs smart bathroom mirrors, the market will be huge and impressive. We hope to share this great achievement with our partners and become the leader of smart bathroom mirrors.



Vercon Smart Mirror's Target - Supplying affordable Smart Mirrors 


Today, the smart bathroom mirror is still not understood by most consumers, why? We analyzed the reasons as follows:

-The concept of a smart bathroom mirror is not clear to consumers.

We try to search for smart bathroom mirrors, including Amazon, eBay, and other platforms. The products displayed are all traditional LED mirrors, and we can't see a real smart bathroom mirror. From the information level, consumers have no access to the real smart mirror

-The price of a traditional brand smart bathroom mirror is exorbitant.

American brand Electric mirror, a leading brand of the smart bathroom mirror, can only sell bathroom mirror for more than 4000 US dollars. As an ordinary consumer, it is definitely impossible to bear such a high price

Vercon Smart mirror aims to provide the most competitive price to our customers, we believe the smart mirrors should be widely used as smartphones, not just luxury houses. Only in this way, Smart mirror could be the next home essential of every family, all the people enjoy the luxury bathroom mirrors.