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What is a smart mirror?


Smart Mirror - this is more than a bathroom mirror. Smart Mirror is an intelligent mirror, a networked or WiFi-connected mirror, optionally an illuminated mirror. A magic mirror. A mirror with speakers. A mirror that doesn't just reflect you and the room you are in. He shows you in the best light. He lets you hear what you want to hear. And he'll give you all the information you need for the day so you're ready for anything. There is no better way to enjoy your time in the bathroom or start your day.


Why Vercon Smart Mirrors.


Mirror, mirror on the wall ... nowadays the home accessory can do a lot more than just say who is the most beautiful in the whole country. For example, a smart mirror tells you in the morning what the weather will be like and what the current traffic situation looks like on your way to work. He can also provide you with a comprehensive skin analysis or body healthy management. Sounds like a fairytale? It is not at all! Because the smart mirror has long been a reality. UPDATED tells you what to consider when buying a smart mirror - and now Vercon smart mirror offers more and cheaper options.



WiFi Connected Mirror - All need to know. 

Daily Personal Assistant smart displays: by connection WiFi - this is the networked mirror that gives you access to your appointments, all important news, the weather, and traffic news. So you don't even get in a rush. And if you want to know whether the stars are with you, you can of course also receive your horoscope via Smart Mirror. Unless you turn this feature off. It's up to you.



Weather forecasts and reports.

Online weather forecast is available for the first time every morning, displays on your housekeeping mirror.


News and Headlines 


Watch the latest news or headlines while makeup or brush teeth, obtain all the necessary resources or information, and get ready for the day, thanks to your intelligent bathroom mirror.


Traveling planning and Traffic report


A glance before leaving home, find out the right routine to the office of the school, .make sure you are not sitting in the traffic.





Multi-media center bathroom Mirror

Music or Video mirror for your bathing time. Listening to music while in the shower is a great exercise that relaxes your body and brain, Vercon smart mirrors can connect to your smartphones and cast a mirror, or you can listen to online music, such as a convenient Mirror. Follow sports on your local radio or TV station, listens to your curated playlists, check out the latest viral videos, or kicks back and enjoy a movie. do you still ask what is a smart mirror?
plays the program you love via the integrated smart mirror applications. Up to four customizable user profiles are available to you. You can also control your smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to the playlist of your choice. Whatever you do, music is in the air with Smart Mirror. Without a visible speaker.


Online music and built-in Speakers

Forget about the USB plug-in mirror or cellphone music, with built-in speakers, such a pleasure to enjoy your favorite online music or playlist.

Sports Screen for boys 

Nothing could be better for boys to watch sports while shaving or have teeth brushing, but just make sure you won't forget the time.

Watch an online video or movie

Smart apps like Youtube, Amazon Video helps you kill the time while makeup and others. 




                              The Smarter Mirror

The vercon smarter mirror, release your hands while you can shopping for some gift in the makeup time, Peruse an endless collection of clothing, creativity, and DIY sites to see what’s trending and find great ideas for your next party. Connecting the smart scale and mirror, it tells you all the information about your body and sports, download your favorite health and wellness apps and you can track your fitness, audit your sleep habits, and measure your overall health. more smart mirror apps are waiting for you to explore, now, what is a smart mirror, I guess you have the answer already.


Shopping online 
Hey, Amazon is here, you can shop a gift anytime that comes to your mind

Health Management 
By connecting the blue-tooth body fat scale, the smart mirror will display all the data of your body. with the help of a skin detector, the lovely mirror shows you the quality of your skin and gives you the right suggestions, probably this is the most favorite function for ladies.


OTG and smarter mirror 
A magic mirror always grows and learns online, a mirror becomes smarter and brings more joy.