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Vercon Factory

Vercon Smart Mirror Factory Milestones.


As one of the first China enterprises engaged in the production and research of touch screens, Vercon smart mirror factory has experienced a development process from small to large, from simple to perfect, as one of the leading smart products companies in China now.

After almost 10 years of vigorous development, Vercon has grown from a small workshop with 15 people to a large-scale enterprise with 2 production plants and more than 150 employees. In 2019, the company's turnover exceeded 500 million, and it was repeatedly rated as a national high-tech enterprise in China.

At present, our factory has complete production lines for touch screens and smart equipment, a dust-free workshop of more than 5,000 square meters, and more than 150 technicians and software engineers.

Our main products include smart vending machines, smart workout mirrors, smart bathroom mirrors, smart makeup mirrors, and smart Hallway mirrors, etc.



Vercon Smart Mirrors Factory Facility and Quality Control

Vercon Factory always pursuit "quality first". In the whole development process, the Vercon brand has always been the quality benchmark of the industry. Our touch screen, with a failure rate of less than one-thousandth, has been recognized and respected by the majority of customers.

Adhere to the strictly QC system. Vernon's production process, including Incoming Quality Control, Process Quality Control, Line Quality Control, and Outgoing Quality Control, etc., The complete quality inspection system to ensure that every Vercon product is All-Level inspection, to minimize the defect rate, always provide customers with stable and reliable products.



                                                                  Vercon Smart Mirrors' Honors


After ten years of development, vercon technology has gained a lot of honors while expanding its scale and brand. These honors belong to the hard work of all employees of Vercon.

Our partners include Haier, Skyworth, LG, Alibaba, JD, BOE, and other leading enterprises.

Since 2014, we have been rated as China's high-tech enterprises, the most potential technology enterprises, and so on.

At present, our smart bathroom mirror and fitness mirror are looking for partners all over the world. We hope you can join us to share this honor and opportunity




The Rising Star - Vercon Technology

Smart home products and smart mirror is an industry with unlimited potential. We sincerely invite you to join us to create a bright future.