Touchscreen Magic Mirror Based On Android Os - 27.6" x 35.5",With WiFi, Speakers

Touchscreen Magic Mirror Based On Android Os - 27.6" x 35.5", 21.5inch Interactive Screen

Item No.: S-30
Touchscreen Magic Mirror Based On Android Os, 27.6" x 35.5" dimension, 21.5inch Interactive HD screen, WiFi Connection, Supports Youtube, Ins, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon...

A Magic Mirror With Interactive Touchscreen 


Magic mirror, which is related to one of the best tales we have in our memories, the evil queen speaks to the mirror and found out what she wants to know. We all dream to have a such mirror in our bathroom and find out what we want to know. 
Today, the new touch screen magic mirror can achieve this easily, and gives you more things as you touch or speak - The Vercon
Touchscreen Smart Mirrors.


How Magic Mirror Works


The Magic mirrors, as you can see from the video, it integrates with large size touch screen, WiFi connection components, speakers, microphones(optional), and micro-computer.
The hidden computer has complied with industrialized level quality, which has far better reliable than Raspberry Pi, to ensure this smart mirror with a long life span - over 8 years.
Thanks to the Android system, it provides the interaction between user and mirror. Basically, it works like your smartphone or tablet, various smart apps in the mirror give you all you need. While you turn the screen off, there is nothing left but an elegant bathroom room.


What Can Magic Mirror Do?

This is a modern magic mirror, a truly smart mirror for smart and luxury homes, let's find out what can this magic mirror do:

♦ Information Display

Multi-Media Player

Health Management 

Smart Home Hub

smart mirror functions
Information Display
The mirror connects with the Internet via WiFi, it displays all the online time, weather, calendar, news, and social media updates on the screen, and helps you get ready for the day.
Multi-Media Player
Integrates with HiFi speakers, various smart apps are compatible, such as Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Video... You can free your hands and enjoy your large screen media player.


Health Management
Smart mirror supports the Bluetooth connection, which allows the pairing with SmartWare, smart scale, skin analyzer... it tells you the skin quality, BMI, blood pressure... 
Smart Home Hub
With the natural large screen for smart home, via the Tuya or control4, you can easily control your smart home while you are back home or leaving.
Works With All Of Your Favorite Smart Apps
Magic Mirror For Smart Projects
5 Star Hotel Nursing Center Luxury Condos

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