Interactive Smart Workout Fitness Mirror - The New Home Gym Training Assistant

Interactive Smart Workout Fitness Mirror - The New Home Gym Training Assistant

Item No.: F1
The new Interactive Smart Workout Fitness Mirror, integrated with a large touch LCD display and Smart Operation System, Infrared induction devices, Provide The Online Training Program, Helps You training anytime, any place.

Smart Workout Fitness Mirror - Interactive Home Gym Mirror

The smart workout mirror is a device that displays information about your lifestyle or health. It can provide you with information on your daily activities, calories burned, fitness goals, etc.

The interactive home gym mirror is a new kind of smart mirror that helps you stay fit by giving instructions for workout routines and guiding you through the exercises. It also provides feedback on your performance so that you can keep track of what needs to be improved.

The Interactive Home Gym Mirror not only allows the user to see their reflection but also provides them with instructions on how they can perform an exercise routine to achieve their fitness goals. The user can also use the mirror’s touch screen to choose from a range of fitness programs and follow along as it guides them through each one.


The High Tech Magic Fitness Mirror

Why it's called the High Tech Magic Fitness Mirror? what's the difference with other workout mirrors?
High-Tech Powered Workout Mirror
- Large Size Touch Screen: 21.5" / 32" / 43" LCD display built-in
- RK 3288 / 3399 High-Performance Industrial Level CPU.
- Motion Sensor Capture Camera and Infrared Devices Included.

Magic Fitness Mirror
- Android Operation System.
- Multiple Fitness Applications
- Interactive Training Program and Course.
- Professional Training Guidance and Feedback based on iCloud.
- Online social connection and sharing activities.

Smart Workout Fitness Mirror Specifications

Model Number F1 Materials Alu Alloy, Glass
Power Supply  110~240V/ 50~60Hz Control Model Touch Screen
CPU RK3288 / 3399 Memories 2 + 16 / 32 64G
System  Android 7.1 ~ 10.1 NetWork WiFi
Speakers 2 x HiFi Speakers Resolution  1920 * 1080
Power consumption  75W Camera  Optional 
Brightness  350Cdm +  View Angle 89/89/89/89
Support Apps Google Playstore Certificates CE/CB/Rohs/UL
Why Smart Mirror Fitness 
Stretch At Office  Home Gym Training
More Application Sites Easy to Install
Why Choose Us
Professional Smart Mirror R & D Procedure Long-Term Industrial BackGround 

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