S10 Smart Mirror TV With TV functions, Covert Your Mirror Screen to a Touch TV.

S10 Smart Mirror TV With TV functions, While More Than TV Mirror

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S10 Smart Mirror with TV function, While More than TV, Connected by WiFi, provides online music, video, news... plays whatever you want to, display all you want to see.

The Smart Mirror with TV functions


TV mirror, a glass mirror with built-in TV behind the glass, or in the mirror. It has been widely used in the luxury hotels, such as Marriott, Hilton... connect with the cable and control by remote controllers. We can define it as a combination of a mirror and TV. Allows users to browse TV channels while bathing and brushing.
The Smart Mirror TV, it's a smart mirror with TV function, provides various TV programs through the connection of WiFi, no need TV cable. On the other hand, the smart mirror controller by your finger touch, which provides more interaction than a TV mirror. It also supports browsing any time, any kind of programs, videos as you wish.


Smart Mirror More than TV Mirror

A Smart Mirror, or smart TV mirror, easily could be recognized as "smart". Today, smart devices are everywhere, we have a smart TV, smartphones, smart lights, smart sockets, even smart cars... There is no doubt that smart becomes the main topic of today's development. The Smart Mirror is a new breakthrough based on TV Mirrors, let find out smart mirrors' unique features:

Display Information

Media Center

Display various online information, such as news, weather, date, appointments... helps you get ready for the day.
Compare with a TV mirror, a smart TV mirror plays music or videos from an online platform, not cable.

Helps Health Management

Support Various Smart Apps

Connecting various smart devices with Bluetooth, such as smart scale, skin analyzer, helps you keep fit and improve health conditions. Thanks to the Android open platform, the smart mirror load with your favorite applications, such as Youtube, Spotify... Provides unbelievable interactions with you.

Smart Mirror Components
Micro Computer
Touch Screen
The microcomputer is the smart mirror's brain, which including the CPU, RAM, ROM, and GPU... controls all the components and process data. The smart mirror's TV window, accept users' commands, provides them to the microcomputer, and displays the smart mirror's interaction to users. 
Smart Operation System
Wireless Connection
Smart Operation systems, mostly are based on Android or Apple Os. Supports the software system and coordinates all the components work properly. The Nutrition and oxygen for the smart mirrors, provide the connection with the Internet or 3rd devices, obtains all kinds of data and information, transfer to the smart mirror.

Supports Various Smart Applications


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