Smart Makeup Mirrors - Touch Screen Smart Vanity Mirror With Android Os

Smart Makeup Mirrors - Touch Screen Smart Vanity Mirror With Android Os

Item No.: M1
Smart Makeup Mirrors, the high tech smart vanity mirror with Android operation system, large touchscreen, and speakers for online media play, WiFi-connected for the Internet.

Smart Makeup Mirrors - The High Tech Powered Vanity Mirror


Smart makeup mirrors, the new trend of the vanity mirror or makeup mirror.
The Vercon Smart makeup mirrors integrated the desktop makeup mirror and touch screen smart devices, LED lighting... It gives new meaning and content to the vanity mirror or makeup mirrors
Revolutionize Your Makeup Routine as below Features:
LED Makeup Mirror 
Smart Skin-care Mirror
♦ Desktop Entertainments mirror 


Adjustable Brightness LED Makeup Mirror

•The High quality LED stripe on the mirror provides dimmable brightness for your makeup. You can easily choose the right brightness for your morning or evening makeup time.

• With an Adjustable Ergonomics base, you can adjust the angle of the mirror screen, to find out the best position and direction.

• Lightweight aluminum frame, easy to move around from bathroom to your bedroom


Your Skin Caring Specialist Mirror 

Do you worry about your skin quality, and hesitate to choose the right skincare products? This smart makeup mirror solves all your worries once off.
Thanks to the AR technology and connection with Bluetooth, the mirror obtains your skin details, and analysis them with iCloud data, compares with thousands of similar cases in the database.
Refect the result on the mirror display, gives you the objective suggestion of why, and how to improve it, is it a magic mirror?


Desktop Entertainments mirror 


Feeling boring with makeup time, or holding a smartphone to chat with friends?  Vercon Smart makeup mirrors provide a much easier way for your makeup time.
The large size High Definition screen and mirror, preload with various applications, such as YouTube, Spotify, NetFlix, Zoom, Skype.
It's a great joy to listen to your favorite playlist or watch the new makeup videos from YouTube.

Smart Makeup Mirrors Specifications

Main Frequency Main Frequency Touch Display Screen 10.1"
GPU ARM Mali-400MP2 Zoom 16:9
RAM 2GB Resolution 1280 x800
Flash Memory 8GB Brightness 220cd/m2
Wired Network Gigabit Ethernet Contrast 3000:1 (by screen specification)
Wifi 2.4G 802.11a/b/g/n Viewing angle Full
Operating System Android 7.1OS Response time 13/5 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms
Certificate CE/FCC/CCC/ISO9001/RoHS Installation Method Wall-mounted installation
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