Touch Screen Android system Smart Makeup Mirror For Smart Makeup

Touch Screen Android system Smart Makeup Mirror For Smart Makeup

Vercon Smart Makeup Mirror, the first makeup smart mirror in China. Integrated with a touch screen, Android system, makeup mirror... the IoT functions can analyze your skin type, connects to the Internet, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify...


What is a Smart Makeup Mirror


Smart Makeup Mirror, one of the most popular makeup mirrors is welcomed by young and fashion ladies. Compared with traditional makeup mirrors, these smart mirrors include more high-technical features, provides new smart functions, which we never had, or you can only experience in a Beauty salon.
The Smart makeup mirror, integrated with a microcomputer, touch screen, and built-in camera. This new type of makeup mirror is connected by WiFi, also with speakers built-in. All these components enable the mirror, not just light up your makeup, but also provide all kinds of AR technical analyses.

What Can Smart Makeup Mirror do?

The smart makeup mirror, while we call it smart, must provide something magic and more intelligent, ready to meet this intelligent makeup mirror;

Cosmetic mirror-Smart Makeup Mirror

It analyzes your skin's condition through just a photo. Photos are stored along with measurement data, allowing it to track your progress over time - and you to target areas that need it most.
Your Skin professional adviser 

Tired of looking in the mirror and wondering if your skincare products and clinical treatments are effective? Monitor the changes in your skin over time to see what is really working for you.
The Android-based Smart makeup mirror, with advanced skin analysis technology, enables you can assess your skin for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, roughness, and pores..

Your Makeup Home Studio 

Always not sure which color of lipstick is suitable for your day? or what foundation for your makeup? let the smart makeup mirror tells you.

The lighted smart mirror with a camera, which can capture your face and skin, analysis and select the best for your skin, and dressing even your mood.

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