Smart Fitting Mirror - VR Technology Powered Fitting Mirror With 3D Fitting Solution

Smart Fitting Mirror - VR Technology Powered Fitting Mirror With 3D Fitting Solution

Item No.: F32
Smart Fitting Mirror - VR Technology Powered Fitting Mirror With 3D Fitting Solution, No More Hard Decision Maker, Find the Best Dressing in seconds.

What Is a Smart Fitting Mirror?

What is a smart fitting mirror, it's the digital components combined with a glass fitting mirror. There is a 3D camera built-in and a hidden computer with WiFi capability. 
The 3D camera captures the user's body feature, through the AR algorithm, and analyze the shape of the person standing in front of the mirror. Based on these procedures, the mirror would recommend suitable clothing or fitting for you. Of course, you can also pick up your favorite ones from the virtual shelves, and it fits you automatically with a click. 


Smart Fitting Mirror makes fitting easier and more pleasurable!


Thanks to the fitting smart mirror and virtual dressing technology, with this digital dress mirror, you don't have to worry about what fitting to choose. Find out the most suitable dressing color and combination from the daily recommendation. Furthermore, if you are not happy with the magic mirror's suggestion, you can just click the screen, the virtual dressing will fit you automatically, till you say "Yes". Lastly but lovely, you can take a picture and share it on your social media, what a brilliant mirror.


The Greatest Fitting Mirror Ever - Smart Mirror for Fitting

The high technical mirror is an attractive point for customers. There is no doubt the smart fitting mirror speeds up consumers' purchasing time, with the help of a smart fitting mirror, less try-on, easy decision made. Customers even don't need to call the store assistant if they need another color or style. The recommendation selling will contribute a lot to sales growth, as the smart mirrors can recommend similar or related ones to customers. 

Smart Fitting Mirror Specifications - Interactive Mirror
Product Name Smart Fitting Mirror /Smart Fitting Mirror Model N.O F32
Country of Origin Made in China Materials  Aluminum Alloy Frame, Glass Mirror
CPU RK 3399  Operation OS Android 9.0
Memory  4 + 32G Touch Screen 32 inch 
Power Supply 110~240V / 50 ~60Hz View angle 89/89/89/89
Connection WiFi / Bluetooth Speakers Yes, 2 HiFi Speakers
Certificate  CE/FCC/RoHS Warranty  1 + Year


The secret of Smart Fitting Mirror Structure 

Smart mirror for Fitting, it's an attractive mirror for all the consumers, and the advantages of smart dressing rooms and interactive mirrors are obvious. The latest fitting mirror is connected with the shop owner's clothing database, somehow like online shopping at an actual store. You can experience the online shopping speed, but the pleasure of shop shopping pleasure at the same time, all because of this magic dressing mirror.

How does the Smart Fitting Mirror work?

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