Touch Screen Android Os Smart Cabinet Mirror - The Smart And Space Choice

Touch Screen Android Os Smart Cabinet Mirror With Different Size and WiFi Connection

Item No.: SB01
Touch Screen Android Os Smart Cabinet Mirror With Different Size and WiFi Connection, Aluminum Frame, IPX Water Proof, Supports Various Smart Applications.

Smart Cabinet Mirror - New Choice of Bathroom Smart Mirror 

Looking for a smart mirror but don't want to waste the space of the bathroom cabinet? Now you have the new choice from Vercon Smart Mirror Cabinet.
Smart Mirror is always integrated with large-size two-way mirrors, and microcomputers, touch screens, WiFi devices, HiFi speakers, and power supply components. All the components including the technical difficulty to assemble all devices together. On the other hand, it is also heavier than the led mirror or traditional mirrors.
Vercon Smart Cabinet Mirror, adopts the Aluminum frame, ensure the stability of the smart mirrors screen. Integrates the New high-speed CPU and 2 + 16 Memories, HiFi speakers built behind the glass. 
You can easily comply with the smart mirror screen to your cabinet, enjoy your bathroom wall magic mirror, and plenty of space behind.


What Components Smart Cabinet Mirror Has

The Smart Cabinet Mirror including:
• Large size Two-Way Mirror.
• 10.1" / 15.6" / 21.5" IPS Interactive Touch Screen.
• Mirco-computer with Quad-Core CPU, 2+ 16 G memories.
• WiFi & Bluetooth Connection Devices.
• 2 X HiFi Speakers buit-in
• Android Interactive Operation System.
• Aluminum Frame with Anti-rust.


Smart Cabinet Mirror Features

Smart Cabinet Mirror, the combination of smart mirror and cabinet. It provides your sufficient storage space while open the gate of smart life, displays whatever you want to see, plays whatever you want to watch, it's the modern magic mirror for the smart home.
• Display multi-media from the Internet, music, video, sports, social med
• Smart Life Assistance - display the online data, weather, traffic, latest news
• Personal Health Care - Paring with smart wear devices, reflect all the health conditions and caring for your health every day.
• Smart home control - Compliable with smart home apps, such as control4, Fibaro... control your smart home under your fingertips.

Multi-Media Display Mirror Smart Life Assistance Mirror
Personal Health Care Mirror Smart Home Control Mirror
Work With All Your Favorite Apps On the Smart Cabinet Mirror

Why Choose Our Smart Cabinet Mirror

As  the most leading smart mirror manufacturer and solution provider, we have years of experience serving global customers and projects:
• Professional R&D Team
• OEM/ODM Service always be welcomed.
• Over 100 Patent and unique designs for smart mirrors.
• With industrial leading technology and background of smart touch.
• Large scale production area (extended in 2021), fast and on-time delivery is guaranteed.
• Supplying to global smart projects in Dubai, US, UK, Germany...

Our Smart Mirror Projects

We have been supplying smart mirrors and cabinets to the latest projects all around the world and gaining over 300% increasing yearly. it also reflect the fast-growing demand for smart mirrors and smart cabinet.
The smart hospitality projects including 
► Smart Nursing Center
► Smart Luxury Hotel
► Smart Community or apartments.


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