Smart Bathroom Mirror with Touch Screen and Mirror Screen for Bathroom

Smart Bathroom Mirror with Touch Screen Mirror Screen for Bathroom

Item No.: SM50
Smart Bathroom Mirror with 21.5inch Touch Screen Mirror Smart Screen for Bathroom, the latest and best option for smart bathrooms.

Bathroom Smart Mirror, The Latest Trend In Sanity and Home Decor Industry

Smart mirrors are a new innovation in the home decor industry. They have been around for a while, but they are just now being put in bathrooms and being used as bathroom mirrors. As per the latest investigation and smart mirror Amazon sales.  The bathroom smart mirror searching and demand has increased 230% compared with last year.

Bathroom smart mirrors are a great idea for small bathrooms because they make them seem more spacious. Not just save the space of installing an extra TV mirror. we mean the content also becomes more spacious.

The smart mirrors are also connected to the Internet. You can easily obtain all kinds of information from your mirror screen. Such as weather, news, data, meeting, traveling... Even visit your friend's social media, Facebook, Instagram. 

They are also good because when you are done using the bathroom mirror you can use it as your TV screen to watch Netflix or YouTube videos.

We have received over 45,000 units orders from the Middle East, and they always lead the trend for the world.

What is a smart bathroom mirror?


A smart bathroom mirror is a mirror with a computer screen that displays information about the person looking at it. It connects with WiFi and with built-in speakers. It's powered by an Android system, we can imagine the smart mirror's working principle is similar to your smartphones. 

Some of these mirrors have a camera on the top for video and image capture. This camera takes three pictures of your face to see what you are doing so that it can show the appropriate information.

It then uses AI algorithms to understand what you are doing by analyzing your facial expressions, gestures, and voice commands. These algorithms then change the information displayed on the screen accordingly.

S50 Bathroom Smart Mirror Features - 80 x 120 x 2cm / 31.5" x 47.3" x 0.79"

 RAM  2GB  Touch Display Screen  21.5" IPS 
 Storage  16GB  Zoom  16:9
 Bluetooth  4  Resolution  1920 x1080
 WiFi  Dual band  Brightness  250cd/m2
 Operating System  Android 5.1.X  Life Span  ≥25000 hours
 Wifi  2.4G 802.11a/b/g/n  Capacitive Touch Screen  10 touch points
 Bluetooth  4.0  Power Switch  Long Press Touch
 Operating System  Android OS  Front mirror transparency  0.35
 Capacitive Touch Screen  10 touch points  Anti-fingerprint coating on mirror  YES
 Certificate   CE, FCC, RoHS, CCC 
 Dustproof/Waterproof   IP65 
 Main Function  Defogger, Built-in Bluetooth, LED light, motion sensor
 Item Key Words  21.5-inch smart mirror /smart mirror touch screen
 Warranty  One year
 Optional accessories  Body Fat scale & Skin detector

What can a bathroom smart mirror do?

The purpose of the smart mirror is to provide a window into your day by displaying information and media content, such as weather forecasts, news, or sports scores. It is also capable of making recommendations for you based on what it knows about you, whether that's a change of clothes or a new restaurant.

The Smart Mirror is the latest trend in technology that will soon be in every home. This mirror has an interactive touch screen display that can show any number of different apps. The mirror can also display your calendar events and social media notifications while allowing you to control other smart devices like lights and speakers just by speaking to it.


How do smart mirrors change our life?

The smart mirror is a mirror that utilizes information technology to reflect the user's appearance, activities, and more. The technology for the smart mirror is not limited to just mirrors, it also includes all devices with a screen like televisions and smartphones.

The market for this device is growing rapidly because of the benefits it brings such as convenience, safety, and time-saving. In addition to that, it can also be used as a marketing tool for businesses.

The next generation of these mirrors will have even more features such as voice assistants or augmented reality (AR). This will allow people who are visually impaired to use these devices without any assistance from another person.

Brings More Fun to Family Time
Provide Various Media to Bathroom
Display Important Daily Information
Connect Smart Devices

Smart Mirror works with various apps

The unique designed bathroom smart mirror systems based on Android, allow you to download and install various applications. The smart applications cover Music, News, Video, Social Media, Sports, Personal care...


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