Vercon S20 Smart Mirror - Touch Screen Bathroom Mirror with LED, Android Os

Vercon smart mirror | S20 size 23.6" x 31.5" x 0.78" | Touch Screen | Android

S20 Smart Mirror - it's more than just a bathroom mirror. Smart Mirror is a smart mirror, a connected mirror, and optionally a lighted mirror. A magic mirror with integrated sound. A mirror that doesn't just reflect your face and the room. It shows you in


S20 LED Smart Mirror-Image of Smart Mirror                                                                                                                                                             


Do you remember the childhood stories where the magic mirrors had a voice and showed what you
want to know? Stories become reality before our eyes. With Innovation and creativity, the Vercon
smart mirror will tell you more than "you are the most beautiful of all". The
Vercon smart mirror will
open the door to all the information you need to start the day in the best way.

Connected Internet Mirror | Everything you want to know.

Smart Mirror - this is the connected mirror that gives you access to all online information, the most important economic info, weather, and traffic information. However, you can also disconnect this function. The choice is yours!


Various Smart mirror apps | Always new function mirror


A smart mirror is an online ecosystem, he always offers you new applications. The variety of apps and applications makes your everyday life a little smarter. And the best, it connected to your accounts, your favorite music or data will be displayed in the mirror when you are there.

Built-in Led lighting smart mirror | gives your best reflection 

Vercon smart mirror with built-in high-quality led lighting, you can adjust the brightness to 3 different levels and infinitely choose the color temperature. Simply by a touch, Vercon smart mirror gives you the best atmosphere that suits your mood or dressing.


Always clear Screen | Auto defog smart mirror


With Vercon smart mirror, you are never in the mist, after a long shower, you always have a clear view. it's automatically activated as soon as the smart mirror is switched on.

One smart mirror, two-way life | Visible or invisible screen

If you don't want to see the screen always, no problem, smart mirror built-in crystal mirror with invisible and visible glass, or slightly tinted screen in Magic mirror version. The screen display functions and information only when the smart mirror is activated, disappears again when you stop it, smart and elegant mirror.


S20 smart mirror specifications

Model NO: S20
+ Product size: 60 x 80 x 2cm / 23.6" x 31.5" x 0.78"
+ Android 5.1 OS
+ Built-in Vercon software to support Amazon video, Spotify music, map, health management, app installation, Amazon shopping, and ESPN
+ 1080P all mounted display
+ 10 points 21.5" capacitive touch screen.
+ Speaker, Wifi and Bluetooth Built-in
+ Full size of Led 4000K lighting.

+The built-in software support language of English, Germany, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, etc 

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