Interactive Smart Mirror - The Revolutionary Android Powered Magic Mirror

Interactive Smart Mirror - The Revolutionary Android Powered Magic Mirror

Item No.: K066
Interactive Smart Mirror combines the latest smart technology, and touch mirror, a Revolutionary Android-Powered Magic Mirror.

Interactive Smart Mirror - A revolutionary mirror for the 2020s

Smart mirrors, the latest trending mirror for luxury homes, integrate all the latest technology with traditional glass mirrors, and the Internet things, providing an incredible user experience.

A smart mirror is a mirror that incorporates a variety of modern technologies to create an interactive experience. It may include a touchscreen, camera, speakers, and motion sensor.

People can interact with the insides of the smart mirror in many ways. They can ask for information about their day, the weather forecast, the latest sports scores, or other types of news. They can also choose to watch videos or play games on the screen while continuing to check their appearance in real-time.

In order to make up-to-date information available at all times, developers often use live video feeds from other sources such as YouTube and CNN. If a person wants to get more detailed information about a topic they are curious about then they can simply touch it on the screen or speak into it and access more detail.


The New Android Smart Mirror


One of the outstanding feature of the interactive smart mirror - Smart system.
Thanks to the Android system, which enables this new generation magic mirror to interact with users. 
The Android 11 platform provides open-source technology in order to function properly with WiFi, Bluetooth, and touch screen capabilities.


The Mirror displays everything to you 

What will you do while you need to know the weather in the day? you might have to wait for the weather forecast or check on your smartphone. 
Not any more! This interactive smart mirror displays all the things on the screen, before your wake up, it always keeps updated with the Internet, and tells you what happens 6 hours later. It also displays traffic, important meeting, air quality... everything you need to know.


Compatible with your favorite apps 

The smartphone is an indispensable electronic product in our modern life. It has many smart programs to provide various conveniences for our life. The smart mirror now has the same smart attribute. 
Thanks to the Android platform, the smart mirrors can be perfectly compatible with your favorite smart applications. Put down your smartphone and enjoy the new convenience and sensory experience provided by the smart mirror,


Multi-media mirror - a new sensory experience

We often use smartphones or tablets to browse various videos, listen to pop songs, and so on. This approach has several weaknesses, such as you need to hold your device tightly, staring at a small screen, and so on.
The smart mirror allows you to enjoy HiFi sound quality while freeing your hands. The built-in HiFi speaker makes you feel like you are on the scene and easily deal with shaving, makeup, and other scenes.


On-Mirror interactive control your smart home

The smart home is the most popular theme at present. People are gradually used to using smart devices to control their home devices, such as light bulbs, air conditioners, security, and so on.
The smart mirror is compatible with multiple intelligent solutions. You can adjust the air conditioning temperature, water heater preparation time, surveillance camera, and so on by touching the mirror screen.

Specifications of Interactive mirror

Main Frequency Quad-Core Cortex A17 1.8GHZ Touch Display Screen 21.5" IPS
GPU Mali-T764 Zoom 16:9
RAM 2GB Resolution 1920 x1080
Flash Memory 16GB eMMC5.1 ,support MicroSD(TF)card Brightness 250cd/m2
Wired Network Gigabit Ethernet Contrast 3000:1 (by screen specification)
Wifi 2.4G 802.11a/b/g/n Viewing angle 89°/89°/89°/89°
Bluetooth 4.2BLE Response time 13/5 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms
Operating System Android 5.1OS to 11.00 Os Front mirror transparency 0.35
Capacitive Touch Screen 10 touchpoints The anti-fingerprint coating on the mirror YES
Speakers 2 x built-in Speakers LED lighting On Mirror Touch LED lighting
Ethernet Yes USB Yes
Certificate CE/FCC/CCC/ISO9001/RoHS Dustproof/Waterproof IP65
Software and CPU configuration Capacitive touch screen display


Why Choose Us
As the most leading smart mirror manufacturer and solution provider in China, Vercon has the most core advantages:
► Decades  industry background
Since the ground founded in 2008, Vercon has had years of experience in producing smart & touch devices.
► Professional R&D capability 
Over 30s software & hardware engineers team provides professional customized solutions for our customers
► Strong production and intelligent manufacturing capacity
Over 20,000sqm new production plant, 6 production lines always ensure on-time & high-quality products to our partners.
► Various hospitality projects around the world
With years of supplying smart mirrors to global projects, such as Dubai, New York, Los Angles, UK, Singapore.

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