Digital Smart Mirror - S20 Touchscreen Mirror Powered by Android Smart Os

Digital Smart Mirror - S20 Touchscreen Mirror

Item No.: S20-1
Digital Smart Mirror - S20 Touch Screen Mirror With illuminated LED Touch Adjustable Brightness, Compatible with Various Smart Application, Display Weather, News, Video, Music... anything you can name it!

Why It's a Digital Smart Mirror


Digital Smart Mirror, the new concept of smart mirrors. Today, every aspect of our daily life has related to digital and the Internet. However, the best device and natural screen mirror, bathroom mirror, led mirror, or dressing mirrors... it's on the way to digitalization. The latest bathroom smart mirror, integrated with a computer device, with touch screen or LED screen built-in and other smart components, such as WiFi, Speakers, LED lighting... These components' combinations are made up of a digital mirror.
The system is powered by Android, from 5.1 to 11.1, and the Internet connection provides all digital streams, including online news, weather, music, video... even your social media updates. This mirror perfectly turns the transitional mirror into a digital one.


What Can S20 Digital Mirror do

The S20 smart mirror, which is the best-selling digital mirror. It's not just a mirror, it's an all-around personal assistant and smart housekeeper, and it's much more.

Information Display Board - The Multi-Media Center - The Health Care Advisor 

Display All The Online Information
Everyone views the mirrors every day, in the bathroom, in the dressing room, in the hotel, in the office... Every morning, we walk to the mirror and review if our dressing is properly? While we have to watch the smartphones, to find out the weather, date, news...Now the vercon smart mirror resolves this easily. The LCD built-in mirror displays all kinds of important information and frees your hands.

Plays Online Multi-Media
Feel boring while you brush your teeth, not anymore! The S20 Digital Mirror connects with WiFi and supports various smart applications. You can find out the various multi-media sources from the mirror, and obtain important information, get ready for the wonderful day.

Caring Your Personal Health
The smart mirror is pairing with different types of smart devices, such as smart scale, smart skin analyzer... Through the Bluetooth connection, the device analysis your body, transform your health data to the smart mirror to process. After the online Massive data comparison, the smart mirror displays the analysis result and gives your the correct advice. 

This is a very objective and scientific procedure, as all these data are obtained according to the AR algorithm. You can trust them and rely on their suggestions. 

Isn't it a magic mirror?

Smart Applications for S20 Digital Mirror
Thanks to the Android system, supports most smart applications in Google Play stores. Transform your life with S20 smart mirror, Experience your wonderful day digitally and smartly. It supports you to download and install your favorite applications, including media, social connections, shopping, meeting, workout... everything you can imagine.



The hardware of the Smart Digital Mirror 
The large size of Touch Screen IP65 Waterproof Structure Auto-defog keeps the screen clear
Clients Reviews and Feedbacks
Since we have adopted smart mirrors in our project of MBL in Dubai City, we have received hundreds of new customers inquiries, wondering when will our next project, and if we can replace the mirrors with smart mirrors for the old projects we did, we decide to increase another 1500 condos with smart mirror in 2021.

Factors such as the young consumers, have raised the demand for digital and smart houseware, said Mr.Lee, Purchasing Director or B&T China. We have launched Vercon Smart Mirror in the latest trending range, and estimate to obtain over 100% increase this year, more next coming years.


The smart mirrors have dramatically changed the hotel industry said the CEO of Marriott, while you walking into the room, and the mirror displays all the things you need in the morning or evening, 


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