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Smart Mall projects with Alibaba

Smart Mall projects with Alibaba

Why shopping mall needs to be smart.

With the disappearance of online traffic dividends, the rent of offline stores is increasing day by day, and the operating costs of traditional retail enterprises are rising year by year. All major retail enterprises are eager to create a kind of intelligent business model. Through the application of new technologies and the upgrading of user experience, offline stores will be upgraded and transformed, and online and offline data will be broken through. Driven by big data, traditional retail formats will be transformed, and a new business model will be created to improve business revenue. "Smart mall" has become a new choice for many traditional retail enterprises in digital transformation.

Vercon smart mirror help to transform the hanging time to explore the mall, Shoppers can interact with the mirror to find out the information they need, and make use of your time in the bathroom. The mirror also recommends other items that would go with what you’re interested in.  And if you don’t want to buy something that day, you can send the info of the item to your mobile phone.

We look forward to seeing the impact on sales these smart mirrors will have and seeing how retailers will continue to innovate the in-store shopping experience.

Alibaba Smart Shopping Mall 

On April 28, Alibaba's first experiential smart business, qinchengli, was officially opened. It is understood that qinchengli has introduced the offline store of Tmall international, the three-kilometer ideal living area of HEMA Xiansheng, the future Hall of Tmall spirit, and Emei cinema, etc., which is a one-stop experiential smart business integrating food, drink, and fun.

The total area of qinchengli is about 40000 square meters, with 2 floors under-ground and 5 floors above ground. The completion rate of investment promotion was 100%. Retail and catering accounted for more than 60% of the business types. The main stores were HEMA Xiansheng and eying the 1958 cinema. Although the business volume of 40000 square meters is more like a community-based mall, Ali has fully opened its fire and installed new retail brands exploring online and offline, the operation concept of big data + smart mall, and the welfare support for its own employees.

The biggest difference between qinchengli and other shopping centers is probably black technology in the shopping mall. After all, other shopping malls don't have the advertising screen that can understand your careful thinking, only for you! The advertising screen in the mall is known as "thousands of people and thousands of faces". It can judge the basic characteristics of different people through the video system, and then according to your consumption habits, play the corresponding advertising pages on multiple advertising screens in Qinli, that is to say, it will display different advertisements according to different consumers To inform.

In addition to the most understanding of your advertising screen, pro orange also has "the most magical fitting mirror.". This kind of black technology is simply a "plug-in" device for fairies. It saves the process of changing clothes and can see the upper body effect directly in front of the fitting mirror. In addition to the novelty experience, you should be able to find the store you want to go with the fastest speed in Qincheng, because there is "ar shopping guide"! The shopping guide screen here will display the QR code. You can switch the route on the shopping guide screen to the mobile phone by scanning the code manually, and you can find the store you want to go by using AR technology. Different from the shopping guide screen of ordinary shopping malls, the two-dimensional code will be displayed on the shopping guide screen. Customers can switch the route on the shopping guide screen to the mobile phone by hand scanning the code, and use AR technology to navigate the customers to the corresponding position. In the future, the shopping guide system will interact with the Tmall genie to conduct a voice shopping guide.

When you're tired, you can brush your face and play small games in the mall, such as catching dolls, printing photos, and even experiencing massage chair services. Face brushing can not only play games but also be used to pay. In Pro orange, you can not only pay by bank card or cash but also pay by a series of novel payment methods such as "brush face" and "brush voice".

The most amazing thing is the "Tmall spirit experience hall" on the first floor. Its design is full of science and technology. There is an experience area of "Bluetooth mesh interesting light bulb box". You can control the light bulb on the screen through dialogue with Tmall Genie, and different dynamic patterns will appear. There is also an "X-Space space". There will be a picture projected on the wall. When you touch the wall with your hand, you can complete the coloring action on the touching place.

However, the most popular shop is Ali's "Taobao Xinxuan". This shop is a bit like Muji, mainly engaged in household goods. However, when you pick up a product, the screen will display the basic information of the product, including price, function, etc., which can be said to be very convenient.

Not only Taobao Xinxuan and Tmall spirit experience hall, but also the new retail stores of Ali, including HEMA Xiansheng, Tmall international offline stores, mi show, civ hall, Taobao erziyuan, and Ali chefs have appeared in Qincheng. Pro orange is the beginning of Ma Yun's subversion of Chinese shopping malls. After all, once this project is successful, Jack Ma will certainly open branches everywhere. Maybe in the near future, we will live an "online shopping Taobao, offline Pro orange walk around".


Reason for Smart Malls

For most shopping centers, it has become an urgent matter to use new technologies to improve user experience, get through the fragmented data online and offline, and create a new business model driven by big data. BHG mall Beijing Hualian Shopping Center has started its transformation to a smart mall. Vercon IT management services help its offline stores upgrade and transform. It makes full use of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of things to improve consumers' shopping experience, create a smart business management mode, and improve business revenue.

1. Build a passenger flow analysis platform and offline big data platform by using new technologies such as big data and the Internet of things;

2. A comprehensive collection of consumer behavior data, capture into consumer behavior trajectory, rich crowd portrait labels;

3. Using digital technology to improve the intelligent shopping experience and increase the number of users to the store;

4. The precision marketing platform based on big data can tap more business opportunities and improve business revenue.

Conclusion of smart malls:

In the future Internet of things era, through the platform of the shopping center and Internet of things and other technical means, not only can the functional characteristics of products be infinitely enlarged, but also the best combination of the internal and external of new products can be realized. What's more, the shopping center, a cold steel and cement building for many years, has multi-cultural, different wisdom, and a world-wide integration With the joint promotion of various groups of people, there will be a qualitative leap from the inside to the outside. Shopping centers that have been criticized for being stereotyped will be gradually replaced, and shopping centers with different styles and charm will be all over the city. Scientific and technological innovation is endless, and people's needs are constantly changing. The future and fate of shopping centers depend on whether they can capture the hearts of consumers by various methods.