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Smart Community Project in China


What is a smart community?

A smart community is a new concept of community management and a new model of social management innovation under the new situation. Smart community refers to the integrated application of the Internet of things, cloud computing, mobile Internet, and other new generation of information technology to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient modern and intelligent living environment for community residents, so as to form a new management form based on the information and intelligent social management and service.

The construction of a "smart community" can effectively promote economic transformation and promote the development of the modern service industry. 


Introduction of Smart Community 

Smart city (community) refers to the full use of the Internet and the Internet of things, involving intelligent buildings, smart home, road network monitoring, intelligent hospital, urban lifeline management, food and drug management, ticket management, home care, personal health, and digital life and many other fields to grasp a new round of scientific and technological innovation This is a great opportunity for the new revolution and the wave of the information industry. We will give full play to the advantages of the developed information and communication (ICT) industry, the leading RFID related technology, and the excellent telecommunications business and information infrastructure,

Through the construction of ICT infrastructure, certification, security, and other platforms and demonstration projects, we will speed up the tackling of key industrial technologies, build a smart environment for urban (community) development.
Form a new mode of life, industrial development, social management based on massive information and intelligent filtering, and build a new urban (community) form for the future.

The construction of a "smart community" is to introduce the concept of a "smart city" into the community. Based on the well-being of the community masses, it provides convenience for the community people by creating a smart community.
So as to speed up the construction of a harmonious community and promote regional social progress. Based on the Internet of things, cloud computing and other high-tech "smart community" is a "cell" of "smart city".
It will be a people-oriented intelligent management system, which is expected to make people's work and life more convenient, comfortable, and efficient.
Smart community refers to the mode of providing convenient services such as government affairs, business, entertainment, education, medical care, and life mutual assistance for the masses of the community by using various intelligent technologies and methods and integrating various existing service resources.

From the perspective of application direction, the "smart community" should achieve the goal of "improving work efficiency with smart government, improving people's life with smart people's livelihood, building intelligent life with smart families, and improving community quality with the smart community". 


Advantage of smart community

(1) Smart Property Management: according to the characteristics of the intelligent community integrate the relevant systems of property management, such as parking lot management, closed-circuit monitoring management, access control system, intelligent consumption, elevator management, security patrol, remote meter reading, automatic spraying, and other related community property intelligent management, so as to realize the integration of independent application subsystems in the community and carry out centralized operation management.

(2) E-commerce service: Community e-commerce service refers to the realization of consumers' online shopping, online transaction, and online electronic payment between merchants, as well as various business activities, transaction activities, financial activities, and related comprehensive service activities in the community. Residents in the district can purchase most of the necessities of life without going out of the house.

(3) Smart elderly care service: there are two most common living environments for the elderly. One is to live at home, and the other is to live in a nursing home. In view of these two situations, the smart pension scheme is proposed respectively.
Its ultimate purpose is to ensure the safety of the elderly, children can work at ease, and the government can manage it conveniently. In fact, the family "smart pension" is to use the Internet of things technology, through all kinds of sensors, to make the elderly's daily life in a remote monitoring state. 

(4) Smart home: the smart home is an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient, and environment-friendly living environment, which takes residence as the platform, combines building, network communication, information appliances, equipment automation, and integrates system, structure, service, and management​​​​​.


Vercon Smart mirror and smart community Project

The community is built by Guofa venture capital and Vercon technology. At present, it includes apartments, office buildings, and shopping centers about 8000 square meters. The community has built loft apartment products with a construction area of about 45-56 square meters, with a height of about 4.49 meters, totaling 532 households.

When you back home, just say, lights on, the lights will be turned on automatically.

When you are hungry, you can order your take-out not even find your cellphone.

When you need a car, just say, Uber, there is a taxi or uber waiting for your outside.

You can also book your hotel, flight, order your food, which is delivered from the supermarket nearby, image this future vision community comes true, it comes now.

The city is the product of the development of human civilization, and the community is its most basic component. As the carrier of the survival and development of urban residents, the wisdom of the community is the concentrated embodiment of the level of urban wisdom.
In terms of function, the smart community takes community residents as the service core to provide safe, efficient, and convenient intelligent services for residents, so as to fully meet the needs of residents' survival and development. A smart community is composed of a highly developed "neighborhood center" service, high-level security, and intelligent community control.

Vercon smart community vision.

Absolutely the smart community will be the next most popular city construction, to improve the efficiency of the world, and resolve the problem of retirement, health care, shopping, and better living.

We will continue to improve our products and solutions to contribute to the intelligent human society。