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5 stars Smart hotel and Smart Mirrors in China


Star hotels and smart Mirrors 


Nowadays, Investments in smart buildings are increasing in the hotel sector, especially 5 stars hotels, As the benchmark hotels in the industry, they hope to attract and retain more guests through intelligent hotels and guest rooms. And for good reason: the smart building promises hotels that are increasingly connected and intelligent, making it possible to optimize their performance and the comfort of their occupants. Find out what the hotel of tomorrow could look like in which you may spend your next stay...


Guangzhou Clifford Hotel and Vercon smart mirrors.

Guangzhou Clifford Hotel Located in Shiguang Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Clifford hotel is a four-star hotel with an excellent reputation, equipped with a super large resort club with perfect facilities. Over the years, Clifford hotel has been adhering to the golden principle of service first. With its exquisite and considerate quality service, it presents a comfortable and noble experience for every guest.

2019, Clifford Hotel has reached Vercon smart mirrors, in the hope of Build an intelligent modern luxury hotel in Guangzhou, so as to improve the quality and brand image of the hotel.

Through one year's design and testing, Vercon has successfully completed the upgrade of the Clifford hotel. The intelligent bathroom mirror of Vercon perfectly interprets the luxury hotel in the new stage.

The trend of smart hotels development

Tomorrow, a smart hotel could offer many features to its customers. Among them, we find:

Optimization of energy consumption: the smart hotel can offer solutions to adapt the use of energy according to the occupancy of the rooms. For example, schedule a reduction in the heating when passengers leave or lighting that adapts to the brightness or the presence of occupants ...;
Increased security of equipment with the installation of sensors monitoring ventilation anomalies or controlling the temperature of the hotel's cold rooms;
Intelligent robots to come and serve customers in their rooms at any time of the day and night as quickly as possible;
Smart objects designed for the comfort of users: for example, a connected mirror that broadcasts information related to the resort (weather forecast, music, etc.) or the hotel (evening menu, etc.). Another example: connected pillows offering a neck massage to customers. The bed could also help to better regulate sleep cycles for a better night ...

The smart hotel offers a global vision of the hotel in a connected building. It not only integrates technology into the room but also throughout the hotel: bar, conference room, reception, parking, etc.

Moreover, the smart hotel is already a reality with the creation of the "smart hotel" label by the Louvre Hôtels hotel group. And this is not just for luxury establishments: all hotels, whatever their size, can deploy smart solutions at their scale and will find their interest there.

More and more companies in all sectors are investing in IoT. According to a Zebra Technologies Corporation study, nearly 61% of companies are getting smart, compared to only 49% in 2018. Investments in IoT solutions have increased by 39% in 2019.

The benefit of smart hotels.

With the support of a smart mirror, both guests and hotel will benefit from it

For the Guests

  • Stay Informed with Local & Property Information
  • Interact with Targeted Events & Promotions
  • Seamlessly Submit Service Requests & Order Dining
  • Even order room service while you shaving or makeup time.

For Your Staff

  • Upgrade the Feel of Guest Rooms & Public Spaces
  • Capture Guest Engagement Data
  • Ensure Efficient Service Fulfillment & Recovery
  • Close communication with guests.
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