New Smart Mirror UI has been Released by Vercon Smart Mirror
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New Smart Mirror UI has been Released by Vercon Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror UI Provides the Interactive Platform for Smart Mirrors

The smart mirror UI, which is the interface of the smart mirrors, the display of smart mirror system, which also can be recognized as the window of smart mirror and users.
Today, most smart mirror UI is based on Android Os or Apple Os, there are also some private company or group develops the Linux smart mirror UI, Such as MaggicMirror2.

What is the Smart Mirror UI Contents?

As the above pictures display, the smart mirror UI contains these main features or contents as below:

► Information Service
► Multi-Media Center
► Smart Control
► Health Management 

Smart Mirror Information Service Display Board

Thanks to the smart mirror display behind the glass, which can display all kinds of information on the mirror as you want to.

On the smart magic mirror, you can see some information about life, such as weather conditions, road conditions, schedule, clothing index reminders, and other life news service information reminders. For example, the smart magic mirror can display the clothing index, going out precautions, and daily work reminders according to the real-time weather conditions.

New Home Multi-media Center 

One of the most attractive functions of magic mirrors. The mirror we have now is a piece of cold glass, only to be able to display the people's beauty or dressing.
The latest smart mirrors with WiFi connection, and IPS touch screen built-in, of course, It is powered by Android Os, with various smart applications loaded. 
Such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix... These popular smart apps are the mainstream applications for us to obtains the media every day. 
Entertainment information is the magic mirror that can directly broadcast news, videos, music, and other entertainment information. It can provide you with a high-definition video visual experience.

Smart Home Control Center with Smart Mirror

Through the smart Mirror UI on the intelligent magic mirror operation interface, you can control the electrical switches at home, intelligently control to realize the linkage of various scenes, and make life at home more convenient.

Smart Health Management System.

Through the magic mirror system UI, you can show your physical condition at any time.

Such as weight, sleep index, family air index, health index, etc. you can also link health equipment such as blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter, body fat scale, sleep belt, and an electric toothbrush to collect physical sign data;
The Smart Mirror UI Support Customization 

Have you ever heard of a DIY smart mirror UI? Here it is.

The new Vercon Smart Mirror UI, which is called the K series Smart Mirror UI, supports a customized interface. It allows the users to decide what display, how to display, and where to display.

Just an example, you can install your favorite smart applications from the app store. More than this, you can touch the screen mirror, and move the apps to the interface or position you would like to.

This function provides the most flexibility for end-users and meets all kinds of customers' personal demands.

The smart mirrors with new UI are available on the K series bathroom smart mirrors, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or interesting in this.

We hope to hear your comments and improve the functions as you wish. 


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