Know About What Does Smart Mirror Do
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By Vercon Smart Mirror | 03 September 2021 | 0 Comments

Know About What Does Smart Mirror Do

Smart Mirror is a completely new trending mirror, similar to smartphones, it combines the latest touchscreen and smart operation system technologies. 
The smart mirror integrated a smart computer behind the glass, and connect the Internet with WiFI or cable, you can easily obtain all the online media on the screen when it's on. The screen vanishes while is off, and leaves an elegant glass mirror, isn't it a magic mirror?

What is a truly smart mirror?

While we are searching for the smart mirror on Amazon, there are thousands of smarts coming out, but none of them have a true smart mirror function. So, what is a truly smart mirror? 

Smart Device Built-in The Mirror

The most important component of the hardware - a smart computer built-in behind. When we mentioned those amazon smart mirrors, mostly without a smart computer, couldn't handle any data processing. 
What's more, the truly smart mirror should contain the Internet connection, Bluetooth connection, and  WiFi Connection. To achieve these functions, smart devices are a must to the smart mirror.

Powered by Smart Operation System

The mainstream operation belongs to Android and Apple Os, no surprise, same as our smartphones.

Most smart devices have to be powered by a smart operation system, to achieve friendly interaction with users, the same principle for smart mirrors.

The smart mirrors on Amazon, most of them integrated with LED lighting, or music playing hardware, such as Bluetooth and MP3 player devices. Clearly, there is no smart operation system for these mirrors, it works as a smartphone projection or USB music player.

We believe these fake smart mirrors should not be defined as smart ones.

What Does a Truly Smart Mirror do?

Have you ever sing your favorite songs, or listen your favorite songs with your smartphones, in the bathroom. We guess most of us have done this before, as per the investigation, over 90% people prefer to listen to music in the bathing time. 
The Multi-Media Center Mirror

Thanks to the smart mirrors, it connects the Internet with WiFi and supports Spotify, Apple Music... you can choose your favorite music, and edit your favorite playlist, paly as the way you want to. Oh, the mirror has integrated with HiFi speakers.

I guess most people are holding their tablet or smartphones in the morning, brushing teeth and watch the latest news, favorite video... It's time to change now, smart mirror with large size touch screen, and you can watch your YouTube, CNN, ESPN... name it !!

These are just basic media function for the smart mirrors, obviously the smart mirror can bring the most popular function to your bathroom, swith it into your multi-media center.

The Smart Bathing Hub
Think about before you arriving home, your hotwater is ready, and temperature set to the right one, lights all adjust to the comfortable dim.


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