Smart Mirror - The Window of Smart Home and Home Automation
Smart Mirror, Smart Life, The Next Big Thing
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Smart Mirror - The Window of Smart Home and Home Automation

The New Deman for Smart Home and Automation Home

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more picky households with more personalized needs are far from satisfied with the most basic living attributes of the house, such as - smart mirrors.

"Whether the community has the intelligent function" has gradually become an important factor for many people to choose housing. Among countless intelligent products, the humanized design of smart mirrors based on details has gradually become one of the mainstream configurations.

Smart Mirror's Advantages 

Efficiency & enrichment Mirror

The smart home mirror select news, push it in time, show the weather and road conditions, and connect with community life services;

Health & Safety: health management service

It also always taking care of the health of the family, constant temperature, constant oxygen, and constant humidity, intelligent linkage regulation, and real-time monitoring;

High quality & Intelligence

With the Smart Mirror integrating high-tech artificial intelligence technology, users can free their hands at the home level. Just move their mouth and all information is in front of them.
Connecting a better life

Intelligent mirror display, weather conditions, road information, date and trip, dressing index, etc. In the rush time before getting up in the morning and going out, it saves all the trouble of opening the mobile phone to check.

The simple and clear operation interface displays the date and time on the left and the weather environment and news information on the right. The main interface can be switched by sliding the left and right of the hand touch interface. A variety of corresponding functions can be set independently. A variety of home life scenes can be set with one click.
Create a Green Living Home

Through the magic mirror, intelligent equipment in the home can be controlled in linkage, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. as long as it is the intelligent connection place, it can directly manage household appliances and lights on the magic mirror, which is convenient and energy-saving.

The magic mirror system can also be linked with environmental monitoring equipment to detect indoor illumination, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, formaldehyde, and noise in real-time, so as to create a healthy and green home environment in real-time.

If the lighting is automatically adjusted according to the illuminance; Intelligently control the operation of the air conditioner to adjust the temperature to the appropriate temperature; When the PM2.5 and formaldehyde values exceed the standard, the air purifier will be started automatically to improve the indoor air quality.
Take care of family health

The magic mirror can link health equipment such as a sleep belt, blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter, body fat scale, and an electric toothbrush to collect physical sign data and display it on the mirror so that users can have a timely and clear understanding of their health status. Magic mirror system also supports multi-account switching to facilitate the management of the health data of each family member.

For example, the magic mirror-linked sleep belt can build a smart sleep system, collect sleep information from multiple dimensions through the sleep belt, monitor various data in real-time, and form analysis reports on the magic mirror to help users improve sleep quality.
Intelligent voice interaction

In addition to supporting touch function, the magic mirror also has a built-in AI intelligent voice assistant, which can realize full voice control from broadcasting music, watching videos, reading the news to controlling household appliances.

The magic mirror can link intelligent devices at home, and easily control lighting, music, air, hot water, access control, and other equipment through voice, so that users can save trouble and worry and free their hands!
Exclusive housekeeper service

Through the magic mirror service, you can also directly enter the third-party service platform, e-commerce shopping, community life, convenience services, etc., so that many affairs that originally need to be handled can be completed at home, saving a lot of valuable time.

As an open platform, the smart mirror system will also provide users with more exclusive housekeeper services through cooperation with more third-party service platforms.

When life is simplified into a smart mirror, you can set aside more time and energy to do what you want to do.

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