The 5 Best Things About Smart Mirror
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The 5 Best Things About Smart Mirror

The Latest Technical Digital Mirror is approaching

Smart Mirrors, has widely used in our daily lives, we might eve not realize it. It has breakthrough the traditional concept of mirrors, given the new meaning and content of mirrors.
We all know it's Digital Age today, everything is connected with the Internet and Digital service. As the most natural display screen in our life, the mirror is undoubtedly becoming the next spotlight of smart products.

Here are the 5 Best Things About Smart Mirror


More Entertainment In Your Glass Screen Mirror

This is one of the most attractive features of smart mirrors - More Entertainment. The mirror is a must for our homes, it always views our beauty or dressing in the past thousands of years. Actually, the mirror could do more, and today people start to explore the world behind the mirror.

The smart TV mirror, or smart touchscreen mirror, with large size or LED/LCD, display behind. Furthermore, speakers, and media input sources, such as cable or WiFi connection to the Internet. 

With the above conditions, the mirror turns into a media window. Compared with traditional mirrors, the smart mirror can display TV program, plays music, broadcast news, weather...which can enhance your daily routine conveniently.

An Interactive Mirror, Not just one-way Reflection Glass

The old mirrors, a cold piece of glass product. It provides a view when you show, it vanishes while you disappear. While the smart mirrors change your cold glass to an Interactive mirror.

The Interactive mirror accepts your command via software, which is processed by a remote controller or touchscreen. Of course, the touchscreen is more convenient and confirmable. 

The latest smart mirrors even with voice control functions, imagine an AR technical mirror talk with you and resolve the problems. We often watch these from the movie, but it really happens now. 

Your Health Management center, Private Doctor, and Advisor - The Magic Mirror 

Nowadays, people care about personal health more than anything else. that's why we have often physical checking, to ensure our body is healthy. 
What happen you have a checking every morning? and it displays in the mirror. Sounds magic? Yes, it's the modern magic mirror and magic in our daily life.
The connection between smart mirrors and devices is the bridge of this magic. Throughout various sensors on the devices, they can detect your body data, and upload the data, analyze it, comparing the data with the iCloud server, display the result on the bathroom mirror or fitness mirror
The above procedure all relies on data and objectives. You can find out your BMI, your weight, your blood pressure, heat-beating rate... everything relates to your health will be displayed on the mirror, every day.

The Smart Home Control Center and Safety Guard 

Have you ever met the situation, when you have show and somebody rings the door? This is quite awkward situation, and a smart bathroom mirror can easily resolve this for you.

Today, smart home control applications, such as Control4, Savant... can be loaded into the smart mirror system. it works like your smartphone. Connects with the camera and security devices in your door or around the house, you know exactly what happens outside.

Smart mirrors belong to the home automation system, but can be the most favorite devices or component. The natural large size screen displays all the details of the smart home, you can easily control the smart home components by touchscreen. 

The favorite first touch in the morning, and the comfortable last touch in the night.

The Smart Ever-Growing Mirror, On-line Updating Mirror

Thanks to the smart system and computer nature devices, which allows the smart mirror to keep updating and learning. Unlike the traditional mirrors, the smart mirror is a new type of home appliance.  
While you listen to your favorite music, the smart apps remember your favorite list. When you run the apps again, the system will set the list as a default one. Your watched videos will be set as examples to recommend. 
Image when you back home, the air conditioner at the right temperature and water heater get the hot water ready, provide the relax and easy time while you finish daily work. 


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