How Much Does a Smart Mirror Cost?
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How Much Does a Smart Mirror Cost?

What is a Smart Mirror?

Someone says a smart mirror is a two-way mirror with an inbuilt display behind the glass. is that true? It was partially right to a point, but not all correct.


The Smart mirror is a combination of two-way mirrors, hidden computer components, and interactive screens. However, these are only the combination of hardware, the smart software or solution is the heart for smart mirrors.


So, do you think mirrors that meet the above conditions belong to the smart ones? not really, let's discuss the false and truly magic mirrors.


False Intelligent Mirror


When you search for a smart mirror on Amazon, the first thing you see is all kinds of glass mirrors. they are not just traditional glass mirrors, there are no exceptions to adding extra features. Such as Led Lighting mirror, music mirror, Bluetooth mirror, mirror with LCD display or screen... Do these belong to the smart mirror' category? or is it a truly smart mirror concept? 


Compared with a basic glass mirror, these functional mirrors made big progress, providing more humanized functions to users. It was a smarter mirror in a certain stage of mirrors’ developing progress.


Today, we have entered into a modern information society. All aspects of life have broken through the traditional concept of intelligence. Smartphones, smart Television, smart lights… smart products are everywhere. These smart products are invariably engaged with smart hardware and solution.


So, do you think the above mirrors are still smart? or we should call it a false smart mirror.

Truly Smart Mirror 


A truly smart mirror was invented in 2016, quite a young product, and a new mirror when we look back. 


Technology and smartphones have become major trends nowadays, especially when Apple and Android smartphones become popular.


The real smart mirrors have a smart system in common. Android is the mainstream system due to its open-source character. The smart mirror system provides a friendly interface and displays various content on the mirror screen. 


Let’s discuss the two types of smart mirrors below


Smart TV Mirror

Smart mirror with TV also called mirror tv or tv mirror, which has been widely used in luxury hotels or resorts for years. The TV mirror is a two-way mirror with a television built-in behind. Basically, it’s the combination of television and a two-way glass mirror.


The new arrival television mirror is loaded with an Android system, which provides an easy and friendly interface, WiFi capabilities.


Don’t forget the drawback of tv mirrors, you have to control them via remote controller, which underlines the touch screen smart mirror’s advantages.


The cost of a smart mirror tv is around 400 ~ 600 dollars.


Smart Touchscreen Mirror


The ultimate smart mirror for sale now, which works with a hidden touch screen behind the two-way mirror, all controlled by a microcomputer and smart components.


As a true sense of magic mirror, it covers all the features of the above mirrors. Such as backlit Led light, Auto defog and water resistance, temperature displaying… 


With the accomplishment of smart technology, the touch screen mirrors are far greater than these. Thanks to the WiFi and Bluetooth connection with the Internet, it allows the digital mirrors to display all the information and media you want to know.


Imagine that when you wake up, the bathroom mirror says “good morning” to you, displaying the latest weather, news, traffic to office, meeting, emails… how cool is that!!


Smart mirror systems are also compatible with various smart applications. Such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, ESPN… We always watch videos or news while we brush our teeth, with our smartphones. 


It’s time to forget about the tiny smartphone screen now. The smart bathroom mirror is integrated with a 21.5-inch touch screen. It supports touch control like your phone, in large size of the screen. Free your hands and enjoy a comfortable and relaxed morning, get ready for the day. 


Don’t forget the bathroom smart mirror with inbuilt speakers, and listen to the latest online music. Have a bath and make yourself feel like in a bowl, that’s the essence of the bathroom.


Nowadays, more and more smart devices are compatible with each other. Certainly, the smart mirrors connect. Through the Bluetooth connection, the smart scale, smart wear, and other health care products can connect with your bathroom mirror. Display your BMI, skin quality, blood pressure, steps on the mirror screen. Such a helpful mirror for modern life.

The cost of a smart touchscreen mirror is from 1000 to 5000 dollars, some even higher, but we believe that price is not a realistic one.

How to Choose the Right One for You


How to choose the right magic mirror for you? It's a question to be resolved before buying a smart mirror.


Firstly, of course, we have to measure the dimension of mirrors and vanity cabinets.

The most popular dimension mirror is below, with different costs. To ensure the mirror’s dimensions match our home decor projects. 


60 x 80 cm / 23.6” x 31.5”, about 1000 dollars.

70 x 90 cm / 27.6” x 35.4”, around 1200 dollars.

70 x 100 cm / 27.6” x 39.4”, around 1400 dollars.

80 x 120 cm / 31.5” x 47.3”, around 1800 dollars.

90 x 150 cm / 35.4” x 59.1”, around 2000 dollars.


Secondly, how large of a touch screen do you need? 


Many would raise a question, isn’t a bigger display screen better? Not really, to provide comfortable visual effects, we have to keep our distance from the screen. 


It’s easy to understand if you hold your smartphone screen to your eyeball, not too far, not too close. To measure the dimension of your sink, which is related to your mirror size closely. 


There are a few sizes of touch screens for smart mirrors:


7 ~ 10-inch screen: suitable for small mirrors such as 50 x 70 cm, or even smaller.

15.6 inches screen: suitable for mirrors from 60 x 80 cm to 70 x 90 cm.

21.5 inches screen: The most popular size, up to 80 x 120 cm mirror.

32 inches screen and larger: suitable for mirrors from 90 x 150 cm or bigger.


The regular sink's depth is about 50cm, in this case, you can choose any size of mirror screen 15.6 inches. While you have a large sink, you have to consider the mirror screen from 21.5 inches at least. 


Where to buy these mirrors?

It’s interesting that we seldom see this new generation mirror anywhere nearby. Plenty of us google where to buy a smart mirror?

Purchase from Online


Amazon and Wayfair are always the best options for us. Sorry to disappoint you, when you search for smart mirrors on Amazon, 99% of the search results are false ones as we discussed. 


The reason for such an awkward result is because the online companies didn’t set the rules. Most consumers get used to the featured mirror as a smart one, that’s not right. On the other hand, the real smart mirrors are quite a few, leading to less traffic on the searching.


Based on such circumstances, the Alexa or Google AR could not define or recognize which mirror belongs to real smart ones, which are not. It’s understandable that most non-smart mirrors are listed on the top of searches.


There are some truly smart mirrors listed, such as HiMirror, Electric Mirror (recently disappeared), Capstone, Vercon, Ad Notom…


Buying smart from online: from $1500 up to $3000.

Visit Construction Materials Stores

Home depot is always the best place to find new mirrors, Lowes also catches up with Homedepot in this field. Frustratingly, there are a quite few stores that displayed smart mirrors, but with a small screen.


As per the marketing analyst, the big stores worry high-price products have less fluidity. Most of them are still under the testing stage, to see how the market reacts with this high-price mirror.


Cost of buying a smart mirror from retailers: starts from $800 for limited models and sizes.


Buying From Overseas Suppliers

With the rapid development of international logistics, DHL, FedEx, and TNT… all provide door-to-door delivery for single purchasing. On the other hand, the delivery rate is also not out of reach.


The biggest concern comes from various considerable quality suppliers. After all, this industry is still under development, not all the factories are trusted quality products.


Cost of purchasing a smart mirror from overseas: factory cost plus overseas shipping around $1200.

Conclusions of smart mirror cost

Smart mirrors keep growing in the past years, becoming the most trending mirror for luxury and smart home or hospitality solutions. As this industry develops, smart mirror prices definitely become more affordable to all families. 

Please review the smart mirror features from Youtube as below:

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