why we need smart mirrors
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why we need smart mirrors

why smart mirror

lots of customers had the same question, even they have been involved in the business-related smart mirror product, such as TV mirror, mirror monitor or smart screen.

Today, every home appliance, every electronic product is going or under smart already.

We have smartphones, actually, it only appears in the short past few years. The Nokia keyboard phone was the best selling phone, now we seldom can see it anywhere, or it has disappeared.

Why, why this happened? did they work badly? no, they were amazing products. 

Were they not reliable? not at all, the Nokia phones were very good quality, they were great products, even you drop it from 3rd floor to ground, it always stays well and no problem at all. However, people just give it up and chose to embrace the new smartphones.

I believe we start to realize that a good product, that's not enough to keep the customers happy. It must be trendy, a product that follows the technology. 

People like multi-functional products, that's for sure, and people like smart products, that's proved now.

Smart mirrors, especially the bathroom smart mirrors are combining the above advantages. A smart mirror is a combination of the latest technology and traditional and compared with traditional mirrors, it definitely has multi-functions. 

Smart and traditional Mirrors 

We all need mirrors, that's for sure. Every day we wake up, we brush teeth, we put on our dressing, we makeup... you need a mirror, that's a home essential. You will never fill water with your bowl and look at yourself from the water's surface. It's a traditional guest and habit since the mirror was invented hundreds of years ago. Every place needs a mirror, you shall have mirrors in bathrooms, the dining room even the hallway, not just to reflect your beauty or dressing. It is also a great decoration for the home.

Mirror's evolution  

After years of using the glass mirror or metal mirror, people are not satisfied with a mirror that only works in bright places or daytime, so the lighted mirror has been invented as well. After that, people were looking for more functional mirrors and brought to our daily life.

The lighted mirror.

The lighted mirror or lit mirror is still popular today. Basically, you can add the bulbs to the mirror, which increases the brightness of to mirror while you stand in front of it.

The Hollywood mirror, a typical lit mirror for years, and still be a dream mirror for teenage girls. There are tens of bulbs lines on the edge of the mirror, when the lights are on, the mirror reflects your every skin cells. More importantly, the Hollywood mirror's name, satisfy every girls' dream, be a Hollywood star, even just the feeling. We have to admit that this mirror not just meets the users' physiological needs(seeing clearly), but also provides their psychological demand (dreaming of becoming a Hollywood star). That's a multi-function mirror.

The Music Mirror

Years ago, when the MP3 player was popular in the streets of the world. People think we must have music in the bathroom, the music mirrors were inventor.

Principally, the music mirror integrated an MP3 player and speakers into the mirror, while you plug the USB memory into the portal, the player in the mirror plays music in the USB. Such an easy structure, but it was the popular and hot product, why, because it providers more functions than a traditional mirror. 

Defog mirror and others

As the progress of society, people have large houses and bathrooms, the bathtub is not just rich family bath-ware. More and more work-workers enjoy their bubble bath after a long day. 

However, they found out after a long bath, their clear mirrors become foggy and wet. that's a terrible experience while you want to see your bubble helps improve skins or mental. 

The auto-defog mirrors solve this problem, there is a heat transfer wire on the back of the mirror. While the defog function is on, the wire heat the mirror glass, and the mirror glass heats up, to ensure the fog could not condense on the glass. Make sure even after a long long shower, you always see a clear picture and a good mood.

There are various mirror inventions in history, we just listed a few main ones. We could see that due to these mirrors provide more functions than cold glass, people prefer them. Is there a mirror meet all their demand today? that's the new generation smart mirror. 

What is smart mirror technology?

The explanation from Google: smart mirror, also known as a magic mirror, displays the time, weather, calendar, news, and social media updates.

That's a basic smart mirror idea, or we can call it a smart mirror display

The new generation smart mirror, which is an interactive mirror, integrated with micro-computer, touch screen, and internet things, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and others. The mirror screen and touch technology is a must for the smart mirror operation. 

With the special handed mirror glass, the mirror provides 70-75% reflection and allows 25-30% transparency. Based on this, while the touch seen behind glass is off, you will see the mirror just as a regular one. While the back touch screen in on, its screen will display on the mirror. Furthermore, mirror glass with conduction, allows you to touch and control the mirror, which works like our smartphones.

It's not complicated smart technology, but it does request a very high-industrial craft to achieve this.

How smart mirror works

As above explained, the smart mirror is a semi-reflecting and semi-transmitting glass, while the backside screen is on, you can see the content mirror in the back. While the screen vanishes, it leaves an elegant bathroom mirror to you, just as the ones you have now. This is only the physical working principle for the smart mirrors, but more much than this.

The smart mirror is a connected magic mirror, via the WiFi connection or Bluetooth. The transitional mirrors we discussed, also isolated mirrors or just cold glass, display your beauty, that's all.

The smart mirror connections open a window to the infinite world and endless streams from the Internet. It brings the traditional mirror into the internet ecology.

What is a smart mirror app?

The smart mirror app can be seen as a smart mirror system, the popular ones including CVT, MaggicMirror2, and Vercon... However, we believe smart mirror apps also including the applications run on the mirror system.
A quite simple example, the apps were designed for smartphones or tablets, how to assure these apps fit smart mirrors? we know the smart mirror integrated with large-sized touch screens, pixel, and display versions is different, the distortion smart mirror apps will be a nightmare for users.

Vercon has a well-developed system for smart mirror apps. All the apps have been tested and modified to fit the smart mirror screen and run smoothly.

That's the best reason to choose Vercon smart mirrors.
What does a smart mirror do? 

Finally, we discuss the smart mirror functions, what does a smart mirror do? as the Google description, the smart mirror display has various information you need.

When you wake up, you can see all the latest news, weather, date, appointments even your travel plan. this is a so convenient mirror, you can free your hands while you brush, shaving and makeup.

Normally, when you check this info in rush, you will easily dirty your dressing, tires, and miss around your makeup. Now all works nicely and elegantly.

You can enjoy all the entertainment on the internet, from Spotify music to YouTube videos, ENPS sports... forget about your tinny smartphone or fragile tablet, the big mirror provides your excellent experience never have.

You can even check your social media, always keeps you connected with friends, family. It's called a mirror window.
what else can a smart mirror do in the future?

We estimate the future mirror definitely be a smart one or a smarter future mirror. 

While you look at the mirror, it will analyze your skin quality, tells you how and when to improve it, recommend you to purchase the right skin-care products from the smart mirror mall, it can be your personal caring adviser.

By connecting your smart ware, the bathroom mirror turns into your fitness mirror or workout mirror, tells you how many steps, what kind of sports you have done. How much Calorie has been burnt, how much rest you need to do, that's your personal coach as well.

The smart mirrors are natural screens for your modern home, all the smart home devices could be controlled and displayed on the mirror. It guards your home and yard, all the security system-connected mirror, and you can monitor it even you have a bath.

There is no doubt smart mirror will be the top sanitary mirror for the coming years, why? because people like more functions, like smart and become smart, so the world is.

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