Trending Mirror - 2021 Smart Mirror
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Trending Mirror - 2021 Smart Mirror

Projection of Smart Mirror 2021

According to the Market Research Report on the application of smart mirrors in buildings, hotels, and retail stores, it is estimated that by 2023, the global smart mirror market will grow from US $2.82 billion in 2018 to the US $4.42 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.41%.

According to the report, the rapid growth of the smart mirror market can be attributed to the growing demand for smart mirrors in the real estate industry and the transformation of the retail industry from traditional stores to digital stores. At present, there are a large number of start-ups in the smart mirror market, as well as many new and innovative functions of smart mirrors.

Real estate projects occupy the main market

It is estimated that in 2018, real estate project applications will occupy the main share of the smart mirror market. The smart mirror is widely used in apartments and smart houses.
Smart mirrors used in real estate projects include smart bathroom mirrors and porch mirrors, which have the functions of temperature display, Bluetooth and hands-free connection, navigation, multimedia playback, and smart home control.

Because of these functions, the widespread use of smart mirrors is the main factor that affects the largest share of applications in the real estate project market.

The software application will usher in rapid growth

Software applications are an important part of any smart mirror used in hotels and retail, healthcare, and smart home to display any information on the mirror screen. The information displayed varies according to the purpose of the mirror. It is estimated that the highest growth of the application software market is mainly due to the large adoption of AR-based mirrors in the hotel and retail industries, and the progress of 3D modeling and other functions may promote the rapid growth of the software market.

Application in the daily field

Assess and predict health. The key to solving the health problems caused by bad eating and living habits is to get rid of these bad habits. Therefore, relevant researchers try to create a healthy smart mirror that can evaluate and predict the health of users through technical means, so as to strengthen the health awareness of users and help them get rid of bad living habits.
By predicting the future, the health smart mirror can achieve "prevention first, prevention combined", and guide users to actively change their living habits and build a healthy physique towards the image in the mirror. The whole process includes collecting users' detailed comprehensive information data of food and daily life, analyzing and calculating the information data of food and daily life, predicting the health trend, displaying the health status through the image, and giving health optimization suggestions. The details are as follows:

First of all, the Smart Mirror collects a large number of detailed information about the user's daily life through smart home products, such as the number of "visits" to the refrigerator, the time spent in front of the TV or on the treadmill, the number and times of eating junk food, etc.
Through the built-in 3D scanner, face recognition software, gas sensor, multispectral camera, weight sensing system, etc., the user's face color and expression can be observed, fat tissue can be scanned, and weight data can be obtained to comprehensively evaluate the user's physical condition. Relevant software can also calculate and analyze the damage caused by bad habits;
Thirdly, the mirror calculates the possible appearance image of the human body from the analysis results, so as to tell the user the possible health problems in the future or the good appearance brought by the recent good eating and living behaviors;
Finally, according to the existing health problems, the smart mirror provides a complete diet and health exercise plan, so that users can not only find problems but also timely obtain effective measures to solve health problems. At the same time, the smart mirror can continuously monitor the improvement effect of users and the existing health problems, so as to encourage and guide users to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Features of Smart Mirror

Multi-function application. The smart mirror can not only display weather, date, time, news, and other information but also use WeChat, video, music, map navigation, and other application software.
For example, the weather condition of the day will be broadcasted to provide suggestions for the user's travel, and the air pollution index will be displayed and broadcasted according to the temperature, humidity, wind power, etc., so as to provide reasonable clothing suggestions for the user according to the weather condition.
For example, the intelligent bathroom mirror can provide users with any clear video and sounds of nature like audio in the network while they are bathing. At the same time, the intelligent mirror has the function of antifouling, waterproof and antifogging.
The smart mirror uses antifouling technology to create an antifouling touch screen so that users don't have to worry about fingerprints or other stains when touching the mirror.
The intelligent mirror has the function of waterproof and defogging, which can be used in the toilet with serious humidity for a long time. It can directly clean the mirror with water, and can automatically heat to remove the fog, so as to ensure that the mirror is always on standby.

There are many ways to interact. At present, intelligent mirrors can realize voice control, touch control, gesture control, key control, etc., and many control modes coexist. Many control modes bring more functional possibilities and operation convenience for intelligent mirrors.
Users can open or close related applications through voice; run related applications through the touch mirror facing the corresponding menu; open specific applications or browse content through the space gesture operation; operate the smart mirror by pressing the button on the edge of the mirror, such as application switching, adjusting volume or mode, etc.

Emotional interaction. The emotional interaction function of the smart mirror is mainly used between family members or friends. It supports video phones, and can also edit and send voice and text information.
In addition to direct communication, it can also connect with users' mobile phones and share photos in real-time. At the same time, users can leave messages to their relatives and friends through the smart mirror, especially on festivals such as father's day, mother's day, and Tanabata day.
Users can record the hard-to-say words from their hearts into videos and save them in the smart mirror, and then input the message object. When the message object is in front of the mirror, the smart mirror will give a prompt and open it to see the previously recorded words Video, I believe this can bring the viewer full of surprise and warmth.
At the same time, it is also very helpful to solve the problem of family quarrels and the cold war. In this way, one can make the party who wants to apologize say the words of apology, and at the same time, it can make the listener listen more rationally. For some users, you can make a message reminder for yourself or those who need it to prevent forgetting some important things.

Make-up optimization. For users who don't know how to make up or have poor make-up technology, they can learn how to make up by video in front of the smart mirror. At the same time, users can install third-party applications on the smart mirror, which can not only enrich the functions of the mirror but also improve the pleasure of using the mirror.
For example, when making up, play your favorite music. For example, on the one hand, especially for the problem that eye makeup needs to be close to the mirror in order to draw a good eye makeup, the smart mirror can enlarge or reduce the lens of the relevant parts according to the user's needs, which can make the user more convenient and detailed make-up.
On the other hand, users can customize makeup. Before making up, users can try to browse the massive makeup database on the smart mirror, and then select the makeup top. In the process, virtual makeup and virtual teaching of make-up can be realized.

Analysis of skin texture and skincare. Smart mirror can achieve the following functions in analysis and skincare; through the camera, it can detect the skin texture and point out the distribution of wrinkles, dark circles, spots, pores, and other skin problems; it can record the user's skin texture for a long time and compare it before and after so that the user can intuitively feel the changes of the facial skin by viewing historical photos;
Based on the analysis of local mild weather conditions, customized skin care solutions can be provided to users; through the scanning and recognition of facial skin problems, the types and status of facial skin problems can be analyzed. In general, the smart mirror can comprehensively evaluate the user's skin and identify problems.
At the same time, it can provide the user with specific solutions and solutions, and generate the possible trend chart of skin improvement, so as to help the user care for the skin more scientifically and intuitively.

Smart mirror display is not only a simple mirror, it is one end of the smart home. It can be used as a display and can be integrated into the smart home by voice interaction and touch screen interaction.

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