5 customized functions of the smart mirror - a heart-wrenching mirror
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5 customized functions of the smart mirror - a heart-wrenching mirror

5 customized functions of the smart mirror - a heart-wrenching mirror

The smart bathroom mirror is one of the popular smart homes, I believe that most of the family bathroom or use the basic bathroom mirror. Today, I'd like to take you to have a look at the net red product - An intelligent bathroom mirror. Let's learn about its clever and smart features.

customized Feature 1:  A Connected Mirror

First of all, this is a connected mirror. Why is it connected? What do you connect to?


Connected to USB or TV cable.

Ten or twenty years ago, people began to contact the connected mirror. You can play music by plugging in USB or Bluetooth connection of mobile phones. Of course, you should download the music first. To some extent, it meets the needs of consumers for some entertainment functions, but it is not a real connected mirror.

Mirror connected to Wifi and the Internet.

I believe many consumers have seen mirrors connected to Bluetooth, USB, and even cable TV to play music or cable TV. With the development of the Internet, pictures and video information have become the mainstream of the Internet. Are you still satisfied with obtaining this information? By connecting to the Internet, you can get any Internet information you want, weather, calendar, travel, news, video, social media, etc. Your mirror is not only a mirror that shows you what you wear and make-up. It is a display window for you to connect to the Internet information so that you can get the latest information from the whole world inadvertently. This is the real connection mirror.

Customize Feature 2: an Interactive Mirror 



Most of the time, the mirror we see is a glass or metal, coated with chemical materials, reflecting your image, which is just a kind of communication of logistics structure.


But the vercon smart mirror is an interactive mirror. What is an interactive mirror?

By implanting a large touch screen, smart glass can give you feedback on your commands. In a sense, it is no longer a mirror, and the screen will light up after being electrified. For example, you need to see the weather conditions communicate with the Internet, and he will show you the weather at a certain time and place. This action of real-time interaction and feedback has broken through the limit of one-way reflection of the traditional mirror, turning your mirror into a life assistant, a mirror with human temperature.

Customized Feature 3: Multi-media Mirror 

In recent years, many so-called smart mirrors have appeared in people's vision, they have some multimedia functions more or less.

Through a USB connection, or Bluetooth connection, as well as cable TV connection, to play music has a specific video flow. In this case, you can't change the display or content of your multimedia in the mirror at any time.


No boundaries of multimedia Mirror

Vercon smart mirror is a step forward in multimedia functions than the mirror described above. You can install your favorite music or video app and choose online, instant, or historical music and video materials. You can choose current, online, domestic, or foreign videos. We believe that this customized feature has broken through the boundaries of multimedia.

Customized Feature 4: Health-Cared Smart Mirror 

Can mirrors care about health? Maybe a few years ago a lot of people thought it was a joke. Isn't a mirror only used to show makeup and clothes? When can people keep healthy? Today, the mirror can not only remind you to become beautiful and beautiful but also make you live a healthier life.

Vercon smart mirror - a healthier Mirror.

Through the Bluetooth connection of various intelligent terminals, a smart mirror can display your body, life, all aspects of data and information. For example, our smart display mirror can connect with the Bluetooth body fat scale to display all your health information and index in the mirror. Record your daily physical changes, analyze your health, and provide reasonable suggestions to keep you healthy and energetic at all times.

Customer Feature 5: An Infinite Mirror

Why is the intelligent bathroom mirror a mirror with infinite possibilities? Isn't a mirror a household product that should be installed in the bathroom for repetitive actions? Today, the intelligent mirror with various functions is no longer the glass or metal block you imagined.

Our smart bathroom mirror supports a variety of intelligent applications





Google Map






Hundreds of smart apps are perfectly compatible with our mirrors so that your mirrors can display all kinds of information in the way you want.

Today, it seems that your bathroom mirror is no longer a simple mirror, but a window of your touch intelligent life. It not only makes you more beautiful but also makes your life easier and more intelligent. This is the most attractive part of the smart mirror, a mirror with infinite possibilities.


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