How smart mirror changes our Life.
you are looking for a latest smart mirror, here we are.
Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co.,Ltd has been striving for the development of smart touch mirror products, to provide the whole world more environment-friendly, smarter and cost-effective smart mirrors.
By How smart mirror changes our life - Vercon Tim | 16 September 2020 | 0 Comments

How smart mirror changes our Life.

How smart mirrors change our life?

Do you know the mirrors that allow you to try out several shades of hair colors or even try on clothes directly using augmented reality? Today we are witnessing the emergence of smart mirrors in the tech market. From the mirror that you can put in your bathroom, to the mirror in sports halls to replace a sports coach, and the small control center with a glass of displaying, replace your button-pressed security center.

The smart mirror in the gym

We know the mirrors that are part of the connected objects that are offered to merchants or companies to offer a more attractive and enriched interface to their customers. But having mirrors in a gym is trivial. But today, some mirrors stand out from their counterparts: the workout smart mirror.

One of the latest inventions of connected objects, like the startup MIRROR which offers its products directly to athletes. Whether in a gym or directly at home, you can now benefit from a virtual coach thanks to these mirrors.

The smart mirror in your hallway or entryway

The traditional hallway mirrors are mostly more or less feels like a makeup or dressing mirror, you will always want to review suits, ties, or dressing cloths that are perfect before walking out.

The Vercon Hallway mirror, integrated with the smart center and mirror in the hallway. WiFi connected function allows the traditional mirror to display the weather, date, appointments in the hallway or entryway, call the uber or lift. Of course, the welcome home music or video always provides a comfortable home experience.

The smart mirror in your bathroom

Are you wondering what a bathroom of the future will look like? It will surely be equipped with a smart mirror, which will allow you to look at yourself obviously but not only. This mirror is offered by the Vercon Technology Smart Mirrors.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to do like Tom Cruise in Minority Report and master data at your fingertips? This is possible with the mirror connected, equipped with infrared cameras tracking your movements and so you will not have to touch its window to access the controls.


How the connected mirror help us?

So how can this connected mirror help us? First of all, the data from your scale or your connected bracelet for sportspeople can be transmitted and displayed directly on the glass. Thus, it gives the possibility of transcribing data coming from different connected objects.

Beyond the simple display of data. The
smart mirrors can also advise you on your makeup depending on the products that are available to you. To do this, present your mascara to the mirror, which will analyze, recognize the brand and the product and offer you a tutorial.

The mirror also allows you to accompany you when you brush your teeth. You must then have a Kolibree brush, available in the US Apple Stores. The mirror detects your toothbrush and an attractive jawbone game appears. This game shows you where to brush and for how long. The tooth model is yellow and when the teeth turn white brushing time is up.

Finally, the mirror can also be connected to your shower head. It will thus indicate the amount of water you have consumed with a color code.

Connected Mirror vision for future

Connected objects tend to enter our daily life. Mirrors are more and more common smart objects, whether in retail or even directly in our home. In addition, connected objects are an integral part of our life today. We have a glimpse of what will be our connected home of the future.

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