Smart Mirror selling season
you are looking for a latest smart mirror, here we are.
Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co.,Ltd has been striving for the development of smart touch mirror products, to provide the whole world more environment-friendly, smarter and cost-effective smart mirrors.
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Smart Mirror selling season

If you are looking for a smart mirror, you might search on Amazon's smart mirror or Alexa smart mirror. Mostly of smart mirror kickstart plans comes into your eyes, if you search smart mirror google again, you will find out most of kickstart smart mirrors were disappeared, the story becomes a scam.

As the most popular kickstart smart mirror project, if you pay a $500, you will get their smart mirror, it sounds might be very attractive for you, but if you plus the delivery cost, I believe the smart mirror cost is more or less same as our smart mirror on Amazon. Vercon smart mirror has more than 10-year experience in this field, over 50 million dollars turnover in 2019, your most trusted and reliable supplier, or shopping place for smart mirrors.

The Vercon Smart Mirror contains everything you could be interested in and its interface can be customized.
It connects to the online environment via WiFi and communicates with other smart devices via Bluetooth. Your morning routine will never be the same again!
You can connect smart devices to it, view the latest news, exchange messages, read the morning newspaper, find out about the weather, or just browse your favorite apps as you prepare.
Equipped with a (selfie) camera, speaker, and microphone, there is a 2 GHz eight-core processor inside the Wifi and Bluetooth mirror.
The size of the mirror is 800 X 600 mm. The touch screen works with 23.6 inches and 8.1 Android.

Accessories that can be connected to a mirror to protect health:

- Hydration tester, which touches the surface of the skin for 5 seconds to show the level of hydration in the mirror.

- Scales that compare the measured weight with the saved age and height.

Are you interested in innovative products? Wondering where today's technology is? Countless smart tools make our job easier as part of our everyday lives. This list is now being expanded with an innovative product that has already become available in Amazon.

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