The thinnest LED smart mirror bathroom mirror
you are looking for a latest smart mirror, here we are.
Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co.,Ltd has been striving for the development of smart touch mirror products, to provide the whole world more environment-friendly, smarter and cost-effective smart mirrors.
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The thinnest LED smart mirror bathroom mirror


Vercon China smart mirror factory Redefine thickness of smart mirrors.


How thickness can you imagine the smart bathroom mirror? 4cm or 3 cm? Remember, the smart led mirror with a built-in speaker and power supply system. Since June this year, the new style bathroom smart mirror S05, S10, S20, S30 of the Vercon technology has started mass production, achieving ultra-thin products - the thickness is less than 2cm.

In our traditional concept, the smart bathroom mirror is a relatively bulky product, which is different from the traditional LED mirror. Because the intelligent bathroom mirror has built-in speakers, two or more built-in speakers, as well as the built-in power supply, motherboard, cooling system, etc., the thickness of the smart bathroom mirror always like a brick.

Through the continuous design and R & D efforts of the team of Vercon Smart mirror technology engineers, we finally broke through the difficulty of 2cm thickness in June this year. It seems that the thickness difference is very small, but it has a great change in the product.
Say goodbye to the bricks smart mirror and enjoy the super-thin one, Vercon smart mirror gives your absolutely modernized smart mirrors.

By reducing the thickness of the Vercon smart mirror to 2cm, the weight of the product also is reduced by 5kg. Don't underestimate the 5kg. It not only improves the beauty of the product, but also reduces the transportation cost and damage rate of the product, and reduces the installation difficulty, so as to further reduce the failure rate of the product.
From the installation point of view, the light smart bathroom mirror can provide a low installation load rate, make the product easier to install, and stabilize and reduce the maintenance cost in the later stage.

Thinner product size can not only improve the beauty of the product, but also make the product occupy less space as much as possible, and enhance the product's sense of modern science and technology.

Forget about the bricks smart mirrors, and welcome to this super-thin smart mirrors, Vercon technology provides the absolutely modernized smart mirrors, it's the next mirror for the world.

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