Direct Factory Supply Bathroom Smart Mirror For Smart Bathroom and Vanity

M20 Bathroom Smart Mirror For Smart Bathroom and Vanity

Item No.: Vercon-M20
M20 Bathroom Smart Mirror For Smart Bathroom and Vanity. This Magic Mirror for Bathroom redefines vanity mirror.

Smart Mirror For Bathroom 

M20 smart mirror, which is not just a vanity mirror or glass, it's more than bathroom mirrors. this new smart mirror is a modern magic mirror, a WiFi-connected mirror, a LED built-in mirror. Truly clever mirror and the mirror knows you more, gives you more.

Thanks to the built-in LED smart light, it provides you the comfortable lighting, for every valuable moment. The Hi-Fi speakers and Spotify music apps provide your favorite music, show you the latest popular video, programs, sports, even your iCloud videos...

Smart Mirror - The best way to start your morning, and relax every second of your evening. 


What can a bathroom smart mirror do?

Imagine that when you wake up, your mirror press the greeting automatic. While you want to have your favorite music, your smart bathroom mirror plays them, gives your unbelievable bathing experience, just feel like in the bowl.

Guess everyone will look into their smartphones, while you wake up, and browsing social media, find out interesting and great updates from your family, friends' social media, even you have a teeth brush. Now, Vercon bathroom smart mirrors save you, not just provide whatever you want to, but all free your hands.

Girls always feel hard to decide their makeup style and turn to a tutorial video from their phones. Consider smart mirror makeup, it has various Android applications, including makeup courses, videos... definitely, this smart mirror function ensures you have the perfect eye shadow.


Clear Bathroom Mirror Always

The smart mirror for the bathroom keeps well balance between luxury and technology. It always keeps you feeling like have a future mirror, thanks to the high-tech components and smart system.

The mirror itself with auto-defog components built in. Auto-heating boards are installed on the backside of the glass mirror, while the mirror turns on, it heats the mirror backside. This special heating device ensures the mirror screen always keeps clear, even after a long shower.

By the way, Vercon smart mirrors support IP65 waterproof, designed to against water resistance.

Bathroom Smart Mirror Main Specs

Leading Technology and Top Workcraft Smart Mirrors 

Smart Mirror Features: Android Smart Operation System, WiFi Connection, Touch Screen, Smart Apps, Built-in Speakers...

IP65 Water-proof Structure, Auto-defog, LED Lighting, Aluminum Alloy Frame, Wall-mounted Installation, Most Trusted Quality, Long Life Span

  • CPU

    Quad-Core 1.8GHz

  • Memory

    2 + 16G

  • Display

    21.5" IPS Touch Screen

  • Life-Span

    > 25000 Hours

Smart Mirror Works With Various of Your Favorite Apps.
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