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Why we need smarter mirror?

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Author : Hank-magic Mirror
Update time : 2020-06-03 12:12:45

Why we need a smarter mirror?

In fact, it is a very common thing to install a mirror in the bathroom. Many friends will install a large mirror. After washing, you can take a look at it, which is really convenient. But would you choose to install a traditional or smart bathroom mirror?

For the bathroom, it is particularly important to choose a better mirror. With the development of science and technology, the emergence of a smart bathroom magic mirror brings infinite possibilities to the traditional bathroom. Let's take a look at the reasons:

Smart Long span life mirror 

The smart bathroom fog-proof magic mirror is made of high-quality PVC board, which not only has a long service life, but also has good waterproof, antifogging, antirust, corrosion-resistant, and mothproof features so that you can use it more safely in the bathroom.

The square smart bathroom anti fog magic mirror design not only improves the appearance of the home but also has an electronic anti-fog function, a built-in mirror light switch, moisture-proof safety. The anti-fog bathroom mirror also has a built-in intelligent system. Users can get the weather, humidity, and other information they need when they wash in the morning so that users can get better user experience.

A Clever intellect Mirror 

A smart bathroom mirror is a mirror based on the Android system, which is equivalent to an interactive intelligent display, which combines the Android operating system with home decoration.

The main components of the mirror system are Android Tablet which provides an interface and RF proximity sensor to detect whether the user contacts the mirror. The mirror can display information without touching the mirror.

A One-Stop display Mirror

The mirror acts as a "one-stop" display for reading news, checking network traffic, leaving notes for family members, and tracking water use in the home. Users can browse different functions as long as they lean on their hands. This avoids touching the mirror with your fingers and contaminating it.

An intelligent bathroom mirror also has an advantage that it won't rust easily. It has the advantage of long service life by using a touch screen.

The opportunity of Smart mirrors

We believe a smarter mirror will replace the old Led mirror or vanity mirrors in the coming years.

Different from the traditional one-way mirror, the Vercon Smart mirror is two way and mirror: the traditional mirror would only reflect your image or place the music when you download the music in USB. However, the smart mirror with WiFi connectivity, and touch screen, smart chips, which allows you to have customized apps, functions, and instant interactive refection.

You can have the latest music, even each family member can have its own playlist, you can watch the online video or live programs, different with TV mirror, there is no limitation for the programs you want to watch, it will be such a joy to watch the IPS screen while you have a bath.

By connecting the Bluetooth scale, you can monitor your body health condition, which would never be provided by the normal mirrors.

We have Facebook, or other social media apps, you can free your hands while your makeup,  and talk to friends... 

The age of a Smart mirror is coming, and let's embrace it as a smartphone or smart TV.

Future of Vercon Smart Mirror

It is predicted that China's intelligent manufacturing industry will be expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan in 2020. In recent years, the development of smart homes is extremely rapid. As a part of the smart home, square smart bathroom fog proof mirror is in the rapid growth period of development. Intelligent bathroom products, represented by the intelligent toilet, intelligent shower room, and intelligent bathroom mirror, are becoming the target of more and more consumers.
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