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what is a smart mirror

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Author : Tim-Vercon Mirrors
Update time : 2020-06-04 18:57:55

What is a Smart Mirror


Many people are still using ordinary mirrors, in addition to the use of light, basically no other function. It is definitely a new life experience to be able to make the mirror in the home smart, and the bathroom mirror can make the bathroom smart and high-end.

The bathroom is the most frequently used place in our family's daily life. The bathroom mirror is the main component of the bathroom. Today's home has entered the intelligence and smart era. An intelligent or smart bathroom mirror emerges as the times require, opening the intelligent era of the bathroom mirror. What is a smart bathroom mirror?



One Smart Mirror, Two-way display


When the smart mirror display is off, it is equivalent to an ordinary mirror, which is no different from the ordinary mirror, and is used for dressing up; when the magic mirror is awakened, it is also an intelligent interactive platform and becomes your life housekeeper in a second. The bathroom smart mirror installed in the bathroom allows you to enjoy more intelligent bathroom time..


Smart Mirror's smart functions


The function of smart bathroom mirror -- anti-fogging
The smart bathroom mirror with anti-fog function, which is also one of the differences between the smart bathroom mirror and the normal bathroom mirror. Thanks to the anti-fog function, you always can see a clear picture after a long bath.


Smart mirrors with water-proof function.

Generally, as long as the mirror with LED light and touch switch can be called an intelligent bathroom mirror, and this kind of bathroom mirror is also because of the internal power supply, many people are worried about getting water into it. In fact, there is no need to worry. This kind of smart bathroom mirror is waterproof. IP65 grade waterproof.
The bathroom intelligent mirror has a waterproof design, IP65 waterproof grade, and an electronic mirror panel with optical treatment. There are various installation methods. No matter wall mounted installation or embedded installation, it can meet your various customized requirements.


The function of intelligent bathroom mirror rust-proof

This kind of intelligent bathroom mirror also has the advantage that it will not rust easily and has a long service life. This also means that you don't have to change your bathroom mirror often because of rust.

Music function

by connecting Wifi, Vercon smart mirror connects to the network and listen to music online. Enjoy singing in the bathroom.

Video function

The smart vanity mirror includes YouTube or other video apps, you can watch a variety of videos while your makeup or shaving.

Health Management 

The health management system in the smart mirror can carry out data statistics and analysis on the user's blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, sleep quality, and other health indexes. By sending the data to the mobile phone, the user can display it to the user, so that the user can monitor his or her physical condition in real-time.

Otherwise, you can check the online weather, date, appointments, 
Facebook, ESPN... will you consider to install one smart mirror at home? I guess the answer is Yes.


Smart Mirror suits anywhere of home.

If you like, you can also customize a beautiful and simple frame for the bathroom mirror, so it is not only the bathroom at home, as long as you like, you can put the mirror there.

The intelligent bathroom mirror adopts a fully customizable interactive touch screen to experience the fun in the bathroom in a new way. Not only the bathroom at home, such as the bedroom, dressing table, and even the kitchen, can let this intelligent mirror play its own advantages.


The Future of Smart Mirror


A bathroom smart mirror can easily realize the linkage between various intelligent products, creating a smart home system. Products can be seamless docking to form a system. Such as intelligent switch, intelligent security, health planning, interactive entertainment, and other practical functions. The original mirror in the hotel bathroom has been gradually replaced by a smart magic mirror.

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