Workout Mirror: Open The Gates of Technical Home Gym
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Workout Mirror: Open The Gates of Technical Home Gym

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Author : Vercon Engineers
Update time : 2021-08-31 23:56:19

Workout Mirror - The New Way of Fitness

Workout Mirror was created at the right moment.
In the past year and till nowadays, due to the Covid-19 spread around the world, most people and families all experienced quarantine. According to the "Global Sports Report" survey, over 75% population has tried a home gym, that's a remarkable number. The workout mirror exactly meets the demand of training at home or in a private space.

New Trending of Home Gym

The outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of this year had a great impact on the fitness industry, and the trend of home fitness began to appear.

People's demand for sports is becoming more and more diversified and private. The satisfaction of sports demand is not limited to the gym, which helps to create the demand for home workout mirrors.

AR Technical Mirror 

Moreover, with the boost of the scientific and technological wind in recent years, and the expansion of the long-brewing wave of the AI fitness industry, home workout has accumulated lots of industry experience.

The AR technological achievements from the offline intelligent gym to unsupervised intelligent fitness equipment and emerging fitness software.

Of Course, "workout" is highly dependent on people's self-control ability. It is difficult to obtain timely updates of fresh and interesting fitness popular science knowledge on some fitness apps. 

There is no wonder that  "workout at home" can easily make most people give up halfway after the freshness.

When the users and technical solutions are ready, we need a smart workout mirror to achieve the online program and offline training. 

A fashion Mirror for workout 

Suddenly, a variety of new home fitness equipment began to emerge. The workout technology mirror, which subverts the traditional fitness concept and home concept, also began to emerge as a new category of the "fitness industry".

As a leading enterprise in the field of smart magic mirrors, Vercon Smart Mirror developed the 1st fitness smart magic mirror in China.

Different from the traditional workout mirror, this fitness magic mirror integrates cutting-edge hardware and intelligent fitness solutions.

Through efficient and intelligent AI-enabled health services, combined with a simple and fashionable appearance, it will open a new trend of home gyms and modern fitness.

The Elegant Mirror Workout

The workout magic mirror is an elegant mirror. It has an all-metal integrated body and high-definition mirror display.

When you want to workout, it is a "personal trainer". The exercise status and fitness plan are clear at a glance. It is a very cool high-tech product.

While the screen turns off, the fitness workout mirror is a dressing mirror, which can be perfectly integrated with various home decoration styles.

At the same time, because it is too eye-catching, you have to take a look at your own shadow when passing by it, which just awakens your desire for fitness and shaping.
Immersive fitness experience

Magic mirror ecosystem takes magic mirror platform as the carrier to build an ecological service system based on data analysis + Intelligent Management + fitness service.
Through a large number of collection and in-depth analysis of your real-time fitness data.
It provides you with accurate customized service experiences such as AI intelligent private education, massive fitness courses, and customized fitness services.

The most amazing thing is the "Ai private education" of fitness magic mirror, which trains AI algorithm through the movement data of deep visual information to make your movement easier.

When the mirror turns on the fitness mode, it can monitor the posture changes of users during exercise.

Then identify and count the correct actions through a series of algorithm engines combined with the big data analysis of a large number of sportspeople, and remind and correct the wrong actions.

Let the Home Gym as a lifestyle

Based on the software and hardware structured data brought by the user's fitness experience on the workout mirror, the fitness mirror can accurately grasp the effect of training, provide a basis for formulating training plans, and make personalized recommendations for a healthy diet.

It can be said that Vercon fitness magic mirror is committed to providing a personalized health service experience.

Through the interaction with you through "Ai private education", you can deeply understand your physical condition and fitness needs, customize appropriate training plans and courses for you,

It enhances the interest in fitness through a high degree of human-computer interaction, and helps you overcome your lazy nature, Make fitness a way of life for you.

At the same time, Vercon workout magic mirror brings sports and fitness into fragmented scenes such as home, hotel, and office. One mirror can replace the whole gym and make a healthy lifestyle more popular.

We believe that when such a mirror containing powerful magic appears in front of you, it will stimulate your strong interest in fitness and make your expectation of fitness and shaping come true faster!
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