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Rank 1 Smart Mirror Factory in China - Vercon Smart Mirror

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Update time : 2021-07-12 19:49:30

ABOUT Smart Mirror Vercon


As the most leading smart mirror manufacturer in China, Vercon Technology has set up a complete smart mirror supply chain. Not just the hardware developments, Vercon also gathered a group of talented engineers for smart mirror software and system development.

The Vercon Smart Mirror Advantages

-Largest Smart Mirror factory In China.

-Over 10 years manufacturing background in the smart touch device industry.

-20+ experienced engineers, the most leading smart mirror factory in China, has entirely independent R&D ability of smart mirror hardware/software solutions.

-Complete Supply Chain Layout: including Qudee Technology (top touch screen factory in China), Vercon IOT, Vercon Technology, with 3 production bases, covers all the supply-chain of smart mirrors.

-Quality: All the core components are manufactured on their own, with outstanding quality assurance than any other factory in China.

-Sustainability: Vercon main products include: smart bathroom mirror, smart workout mirror, smart intercom system (Haier exclusive supplier), smart makeup mirror… keeps expanding the relative product to build a smart ecosystem.

Vercon Smart Mirror structures:

The smart mirror structures including a touch screen, aluminum smart mirror frame, microcomputer, Wifi Connection, led lighting...

Smart Mirror Hardware

-Ultra-thin thickness: 2cm, the thinnest one in the smart mirror industry.

Patent mold for casting aluminum frame, stunning finishing, and quality guaranteed 

Smart Mirror Touch Glass 

Smart Mirror software

The Smart Mirror software are based on Android, support various smart application, including Youtube, Ins, Spotify, Facebook, ESPN, CNN, Amazon...


Smart Mirror Bathroom, The combination of luxury and cutting-edge technology, the most trending mirror in the coming years.

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