Experience the smart and luxury Hopstality - Smart Mirror for Hotel
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Experience the smart and luxury Hopstality - Smart Mirror for Hotel

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Update time : 2021-11-16 17:46:40

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Technology has brought many conveniences to our life. Now, this "smart wind" has also blown to the hotel industry.
Many traditional hotels have opened cooperation modes with Internet technology companies: AI (Artificial Intelligence) products such as robots, intelligent speakers, face recognition, and voice control have settled in the hotel. It makes the hotel more and more intelligent and fun, Specially popular with young people and male guests.

So, what are the black technologies worth paying attention to in today's hotels? What surprises have these changes brought to our accommodation experience? Let's find it out.

The smart and luxury hotels

In July 2018, Marriott International has joined hands with Feizhu, Alibaba's travel service platform, to introduce a self-service check-in service relying on face recognition technology, opening the era of "face recognition" check-in.

"face recognition" check-in will be the first to appear in two hotels of Marriott International in China - Hangzhou Qianjiang New Town Marriott Hotel and Sanya Shanhaitian Marriott Hotel.
In hotels that provide "brush face" check-in service, guests can obtain room cards and check-in smoothly through simple operations such as scanning ID cards, taking facial photos, and entering telephone numbers, Generally, the "face brushing" check-in can be completed within 1 minute.

In November 2020, InterContinental Hotels Group and Baidu opened strategic cooperation, to jointly build a new generation of AI smart suites by using Raven h, the latest artificial intelligence hardware developed by Baidu.

The Smart Checking-in and Living-in Hotel

In the just past Gloden Holiday, Ctrip's big data of "easy living" shows that more than 69% of the "30-second face opening room" residents are dominated by men. People from Shaanxi, Beijing, and Anhui have the highest intention to show the "science and technology model" in front of the opposite sex.

In addition, guests can select room types and floors through the app, and VR panorama allows guests to have a comprehensive understanding of the hotel environment in advance.
As of April 2018, Ctrip has officially introduced the online room selection function in hotels in many domestic cities, including Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Sanya, and so on.

What can a smart hotel mirror do?

When you travel around, living in a convenient and comfortable environment is a pleasure.
The intelligent magic mirror of the hotel adopts intelligent control with mirror display, which can provide you with browsing and on-demand broadcasting of various leisure and entertainment, such as news, music, video, TV, social media, traffic, weather conditions, schedule, etc.

While you shower in the hotel bathroom, you can completely drop your mobile phone and tablet.
You can play music, view the weather, browse the news, etc. through the mirror display of the smart magic mirror.
At the same time, it is equipped with intelligent voice control, which can realize voice interactive control and fully free your hands.

With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence has gradually entered and affected our life. The artificial intelligence smart mirror has also appeared in people's life.
The intelligent bathroom magic mirror is a touch screen. The mirror display screen is installed on the traditional mirror so that the originally ordinary mirror suddenly has the functions of interface display and human-computer interaction.
After Automatic wake-up, the function can selectes according to the needs of users. The intelligent touch mirror is also faster and more convenient in the process of use.
The new meaning of smart hotel 
Now the hotel has not only become a hotel, but has become a scene to meet the emotional needs of consumers, and intelligence is one of the effective means for the hotel to upgrade the user experience.
So what effect will the installation of an intelligent magic mirror in the hotel have?

Here are some cases to further illustrate: Jupiter plans to launch Intelligent Cloud Hotel solutions to seize the first opportunity in the hotel market.
Specifically, it further illustrates the direct impact of intelligence on the hotel.
First, Jupiter plans to use face recognition technology to help the hotel intelligently identify and effectively pre-set and register customer information, so those hotel consumers can brush their faces in the store, So as to improve the user's occupancy experience.
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