Vercon Smart Mirror project in Dubai with MAG group
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Dubai Smart Mirror Projects

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MAG Group is one of the largest corporations in the region, maintaining a highly prominent position of leadership among its peers, across the real estate, contracting, engineering, industrial and commercial trading, freight services, and hospitality sectors. Today MAG Lifestyle Development’s interests range from lead affordable housing initiatives and high-end luxury developments to bringing wellness-focused living to the UAE.

Recently, the MAG group has reached a cooperation agreement with Vercon Group, Vercon Smart mirrors will be adopted into the luxury apartment and house projects. The 1st project will be the MBL Residence project.



MBL Residence Dubai by MAG Property Development is a new, mixed-use luxury tower of 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments, complimented by retail, restaurants, and lounge areas in the tower floors, and amenities that include a fully equipped gym, steam and sauna, an outdoor swimming pool, and a barbecue patio exclusively for residents.

MAG MBL Residence Dubai is located in the heart of Jumeirah Lakes Towers, and a short distance from popular Dubai attractions, shopping, and amenities including Dubai Marina Mall, The Beach JBR, schools, and other services, and with easy access to major Dubai highways and public transportation.

Situated in the heart of the new Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road and between two metro stations, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, is the ideal address to work and live.


Vercon Smart Mirror in MBL project

Vercon smart mirror, as the leading and most trusted smart mirror manufacturer in China, have years of experience supplying to BIG property companies in China and overseas.
Vercon technology has established a partnership with the rank 1-10 property companies in China, including Vanke, Grand... these top players had all adopted our smart mirror into their smart apartments or homes.
Based on that, We are very capable to provide the smart home system or products to meet MAG / MBL project demand in a very short period.


Why Vercon Smart Mirror

After more than a month of communication and investigation, the MAG group decided to adopt the smart bathroom mirror products of the Vercon group, which will be installed in the latest apartment project. Vercon's products pay for the luxury of the MBL project, the concept of the perfect integration of science and technology, and perfectly fit the positioning of the project.

Vercon's smart bathroom mirror is a new generation of smart bathroom mirrors. Through the implantation of a 21.5-inch high-definition display frequency, WiFi connection to the Internet, and equipped with an Android intelligent operating system, the residents can experience the modern luxury residence, and feel the ever-changing sensory experience brought by science and technology.

About Vercon smart mirrors

At the moment you get up, your smart bathroom mirror is already waiting. The human body sensing system will automatically light up the screen and LED lights when you close, and the warm welcome ceremony will start your happy day. On the screen of the smart bathroom mirror, you can see today's weather, temperature, calendar, and so on, and let you remember today's schedule for the first time.

When brushing your teeth or putting on makeup, you can click on YouTube or CNN to see the latest news or videos, get the latest world information, and keep up with the development of the tense.

Some music is also good, you can listen to your favorite songs online, two built-in HiFi speakers make you feel like you are in a concert.

A Bluetooth-connected volumetric scale can tell you what's going on in your body for the first time, or use a skin meter to check your skin condition today.
Oh, by the way, you can also use the pre-installed social media software to see what's happening in the circle of friends and send a comment to tell friends.

Don't forget to check the traffic situation before you go out. the smart bathroom mirror can tell you the most convenient transportation route to school or company, so as not to be in traffic.

Win-Win cooperation between Vercon and MAG - Smart Homes projects 

Through the cooperation with MAG, Vercon smart bathroom mirror has successfully entered the overseas high-end real estate projects, enabling overseas consumers to experience the latest technology smart home products. The new generation of bathroom mirrors will certainly bring subversive changes to the industry and consumers' consumption concept. Vercon technology attaches great importance to the next cooperation with the MAG group. At the same time, it also hopes that mag's demonstration role will bring more overseas engineering and project customers, and promote the intelligent bathroom mirror products to the world market better and faster.


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