DIY Smart Mirror or to buy smart Mirrors
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DIY a smart mirror or buy an industrialized smart mirror

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Update time : 2020-06-08 10:00:06

DIY a smart mirror or buy an industrialized smart mirror

Google smart mirror, you will find out plenty of video or pages to teach you how to DIY smart mirror, as the introductions, DIY a smart mirror is much cheap than purchase a smart mirror. We don't think so, the reason we launch the smart mirror for sale, we believe it's wise to purchase smart mirrors from brands or distributors.

DIY a smart mirror 

1.DIY Smart mirror, when you purchase the two-way mirror from Amazon or Wal-mart, which is not a touch screen mirror. One of the biggest differences between the traditional mirror and smart mirror, the mirror screen must be touchable, only in this case, the mirror can communicate with you, or what they called a smart mirror, it just an electric photo frame or display mirror.

How to DIY a smart mirror 

In previous articles, I shared how to build raspberry pie into an integrated platform for the smart home. However, the raspberry pi is so magical that how can it be willing to be a server behind the scenes. This time, I use the eliminated notebook computer, low cost to create a magic mirror

DIY Smart mirror materials 

Raspberry Pie 3: the "nerve center" of a magic mirror. At present, the price is stable. In order to fix it conveniently, I choose to install the shell from OSMC UK headquarters.

PS: many pie friends follow my previous tutorial and have access to Kodi. However, considering the problems of power consumption and adaptability, I currently do not recommend installing Kodi on the raspberry pi. If there is a need for media playback, it is recommended to install a system with built-in Kodi such as OSMC.

USB Microphone: Raspberry pie has its own audio interface, which can only input audio, but not output audio. For voice conversation, a microphone is needed.

Display screen: in order to save money, I removed the screen of my old notebook (VAIO E Series), with a size of 15.4, which means that the resolution is quite wonderful, 1366 x 768, but it also creates a long and narrow body, which is suitable for making a mirror. If you want to use the same model of laptop, please come to me to remove the screen video, I picked it off the tubing.

Dismantling the screen saves screen money, but it must be matched with the driver board. In addition to dismantling the machine, the display screen can be obtained by purchasing a single screen, purchasing a display screen, etc. Poor is one aspect. If I want to buy a brand-new monitor, I can't do anything about it. There is also a lot of online repair replacement screen shop, you can search more.

No matter what channel the display screen is obtained, it is recommended to bring HDMI interface and side outlet here, so as to save money and space of adapter and facilitate back wiring in the future.

If the touch screen is taken into consideration, it is suggested that the touch screen for raspberry pie production can reach up to 10 inches at present, and the price is between 400 yuan and 500 yuan. When installing a touch screen, it is important to consider the type of touch, because a single lens needs to be covered on the top. It is suggested that the infrared touch should be used first, and the sensor strip can be installed on the outer frame; secondly, pressure-sensitive should be considered, but the conductivity of the mirror should be taken into account; under the premise of covering the mirror, the pressure sensing is basically impossible to achieve.

Driver board + horn: since the screen is removed, an additional driver board is required. For voice chat, speakers must be optional. When purchasing the driver board, pay attention to distinguish the screen type, and the LCD screen needs to be equipped with a high voltage bar. Generally speaking, in recent years, the screen is led, but it still needs specific analysis. It is suggested to send photos to the owner directly, and the answer can be obtained.

One way perspective mirror: commonly known as the atomic mirror, it is the mirror used in the interrogation room in American TV series, and the "big face" of the magic mirror. At present, the single-lens which adapts to the screen size needs to be customized, which is expensive. When customizing, it is recommended to choose the mirror with thin thickness and strong light transmittance, otherwise, the display effect of the daytime magic mirror will be affected.

Can also use the mirror mask curve to save the nation. The effect refers to the car window film, but the perspective effect is poor.

Frame: a frame composed of four frame bars. If there are waste materials in the home decoration, you can DIY it yourself. If you don't, you can customize it. If you pursue personalization, you can also play the article on the frame style. Here I choose the wood color frame.

Since the upper frame is the last step of the whole assembly process, when making (customizing) the frame, it is necessary to plan the relevant routing and component position or wait for other processes to complete before starting construction. Pay special attention to the thickness, drilling, support, wall hanging position, and other issues to avoid rework.

Safety warning: when operating, please wear gloves to avoid sharp object scratch. (advice from the author who got a shot of tetanus)

Power supply: the whole magic mirror system needs power-driven components, including raspberry pie, drive board, and display screen, the latter two are discussed together. The USB power interface can't supply power for raspberry pie when the driver board is connected with an external horn, so it must be powered independently. The power supply required for the display screen is 12v5a, and the raspberry pie is 5v2.5a. When you purchase the power adapter, you must pay attention to the voltage and current, and take into account the wiring. If you have the ability, you can merge lines manually.


The Construction of Industrized smart mirror 


Materials of Smart mirror

The mass production smart mirror adopt the top quality touch screen, integrated with the most reliable chips than raspberry Pi chips and hardware, to make sure quality is most reliable in this industry, 

Strickly quality controlled smart mirror.

The smart mirror hardware or metal-ware, the Vercon vanity smart mirror or bathroom smart mirror, always exposed to the humid even water dripping environments, how do you expect a wooden frame can last years? Vercon smart mirror with Aluminum frame and IP65 waterproof tested, we guarantee the smart mirrors can be used over 8-10 years.
The difference with a DIY smart mirror

When you DIY the smart mirror, you might have to afford the failure of the DIY mirror, however, our distributors provide super after sell service and maintenance to your smart mirrors, you have no risk and worry about the new smart home mirror.

By the way, we can also provide customized size smart mirror or TV mirrors, do you think you still need to DIY a smart mirror and take the risk?  

Check out our introduction of the smart mirror, remember we keep updating our products.

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