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ABOUT Smart Hotel


One of the most important technological trends in today's hotel industry is the rise of intelligent hotel technology. This technology has the ability to benefit both hotel owners and guests and has the potential to improve financial performance, as well as the customer experience itself. In this article, you'll learn what smart hotels really mean, why technology has become so important, and what the advantages are.



What is a Smart Hotel

Basically, smart hotels are hotels that use Internet-connected devices that can communicate or interact with each other. Sometimes referred to as the Internet of things (IOT), this means that even ordinary devices can send or receive data, making them "smart.".

The ability of these devices to communicate with each other allows users to control multiple devices from one control point, such as a remote control, smartphone, tablet or smart speaker. In addition, devices are usually able to find and use information from the Internet, enabling them to respond intelligently to user requests.


Why hotel should be a Smart one?

Hilton, Marriott and other major hotel brands have rapidly adopted smart room technology. But, in fact, everyone in hotel management should give priority to turning their hotel into a smart hotel, as it can significantly improve the customer experience, make the staff's life easier and save the owner's money.

With smart rooms, guests can control various components and get the rooms according to their preferences. They also found that access to important information was faster and easier. As with many of the smart hotels you can find in the next section as well.


Smart Hotels Benefit Hotel Owners and Guests

1. More sustainable hotel rooms

From the hotel owner's point of view, one of the biggest advantages of smart hotel rooms is improved sustainability. This is mainly related to the possibility of energy saving in the room, and the Internet of things can provide automation.

2. Improve the level of personalization

A smart hotel also offers you a great opportunity to personalize. For example, the TV can be set up remotely to refer to guests by their own names, and guests can use the central control point to set conditions in the room. Through the Internet of things technology, various devices can automatically create these conditions.
In addition, smart TVs and smart speakers allow visitors to access their accounts using services such as Netflix and spotify. In fact, the Alexa for hospitality service is designed to introduce a feature in the near future where guests can log in and access their audiobooks and music files using their Amazon account.

3. Easier access to information

Another major advantage of smart hotel technology for customers is the ability to access information. Using devices like Amazon Alexa speakers, which may mean that guests use their voice to ask questions and then get wise answers. However, the device can also be connected to other hotel services.
As a result, for example, customers may be able to use smart hubs to access information about restaurant availability. It can be connected to the hotel restaurant reservation system to provide real-time data. Some in the hotel industry take this step a step further by connecting wall maps to the Internet, allowing guests to find information and comments about local bars, restaurants and tourist attractions.

4. Data-driven decision making

Hoteliers must be careful with smart hotel systems, especially when it comes to protecting customers' privacy. Having said that, some customer information from smart hotel solutions can be useful as long as the hotel is transparent and complies with data protection regulations.
Although it is necessary to safely remove customer voice commands and other data from devices such as Amazon echo, some information, including basic usage data, can be collected. This allows the hotel to find the most popular TV channel or radio station so that it can decide whether to set the default option based on the data.

5. Preemptive maintenance and repair

Finally, both customers and hotel owners can benefit from the pre-emptive maintenance and repair capabilities provided by smart hotels. In short, this can be achieved because IOT allows hotel employees to view performance information and operational data for specific devices in real-time.


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