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Introduction of smart mirror functions

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Author : Hank-magic Mirror
Update time : 2020-06-11 23:06:23
We can understand the smart mirror from two aspects.

1.Smart bathroom mirror is a mirror based on Android system, which is equivalent to an interactive intelligent display, combining Android operating system and home decoration.

The components of the mirror system mainly include: Android Tablet with interface and RF proximity sensor to detect whether the user contacts the mirror. The user does not need to touch the mirror actually, and the mirror can also display information.

2. The mirror can act as a "one-stop" display for reading news, checking network traffic, leaving notes for family members and tracking household water use. Users can browse different functions by hand. This avoids soiling the mirror by touching it with your fingers.

Another advantage of smart bathroom mirror is that it will not rust easily. It has the advantage of long service life by using touch screen.

The latest smart mirror makes your mirror no longer just a cold or one way glass, it becomes two way mirror or an interactive assistant for your home, we predit it will replace the tranditional mirror in the short coming seasons.

Let's look at the introduction of our smart mirror

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