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About Vercon Group

About Vercon Technology Co., Limited

Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Limited, as called Vercon Smart Mirror, which established in 2009, Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Ltd has been focusing on the touch screens and smart mirrors manufacturing for 10 years. From only 8 staff in the foundation to 150 employees today, Vercon Group united in our unwavering belief that the booming of the smart mirror industry relies on our mutual efforts. We believe innovative technology will bring great value to global partners and end-users.

Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Limited has been the top 2 manufacturers and solution provider of touch screen technology and leading the trend of the global smart mirror market.

Vercon group is apt to lead in applying environmentally friendly practices. In all aspects of business operations, including product development, manufacturing,        and sales, we need to formulate initiatives that sustain and improve the environment. Meanwhile, we will promote the development of new products and the innovation of technologies that will lead to a more environmentally healthy world.


10+ Years of Manufacturing Experience


50,000+ Monthly Output capacity


100+ Leading technology and Patent

Bathroom Smart Mirror

Vercon Smart Mirror is integrated with a 21.5-inch touch screen, micro-computer, and glass mirror... connecting by WiFi, powered by Android system and built-in HiFi Speakers. While you touch the screen, the whole world is under your fingertips, The mirror includes various smart apps. Such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, ESPN... so easy to approach all the information, news multi-media, weather...when you are dressing or brushing. While you don't want to see it, a slight touch, the screen vanishes and leaves an elegant bathroom mirror.
This is the mainstream mirror for the coming years. Opens the world with your bathroom smart mirror now.

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Bathroom Smart Mirror
Smart Fitness Mirror

Smart Fitness Mirror

Smart Fitness Mirror, the new workout mirror is the most popular fitness product, integrates a 43" large screen, body-induction camera, smart workout mirror that can help you achieve system fitness activities through online courses. Even if you are training alone, you will never feel boring. smart workout mirror fully records your training data, provides reasonable suggestions to improve. you can even invite family members to join in and enjoy a pleasant home time.

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Smart Hallway Mirror

Smart Hallway mirror adopts wireless internet protocol connection instead of hard wire, You can monitor cameras or security around the house, book the elevator, open the door remotely, play a piece of back home music, or even use it as an electronic picture frame if you want to, transforming the traditional hallway mirror into family security, information, and entertainment Center.
Enjoy the smart hallway mirror/entryway mirrors.

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Smart Hallway Mirror

Smart Mirror Products

Smart Mirrors, one of the most important technological trends within the mirror industry today. Integrated with traditional LED mirror and modern smart technology, perfectly displays the luxury life and cut-edge combinations.

S08 Wall Mounted Smart Mirror

Vercon S08 Wall Mounted Smart Mirror, with 21.5-inch touch screen, wifi connected, and powered by Andriod Os, the best option for luxury homes.

S10 Modern Style Rectangular Smart LED Lighting Mirror

The smart connected mirror offers an exceptional customer experience by combining a digital display with useful information and a mirror.

Vercon smart mirror | S20 size 23.6

S20 Smart Mirror - it's more than just a bathroom mirror. Smart Mirror is a smart mirror, a connected mirror, and optionally a lighted mirror. A magic mirror with integrated sound. A mirror that doesn't just reflect your face and the room. It shows you in

Wall mounted Rectangle Illuminated backlit Bathroom Smart Mirror

LED Backlit Mirror Illuminated Bathroom Smart Mirror with Anti-fog Function Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Mirror, diameter 60 x 80 cm / 23.6" x 31.5" with Rectangle Shape.

Smart Mirror Waterproof bathroom TV mirror with Touch Display

Vercon smart mirror tv S30 with LED Lights, Lighted Mirror with Dimmer led tape, Wall Mounted Vanity Makeup Mirror Smart Touch Control

Adjustabel Illuminated backlit Smart Vanity Mirror Wall-mounted Installation

LED Backlit Mirror Illuminated Bathroom Smart Mirror with Anti-fog Function Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Mirror, diameter 80 x 120 cm / 31.5" x 47.3" with Rectangle Shape.

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Vercon Smart Mirror News

Vercon technology, the most trusted smart mirror manufacturer, provide extraordinary service and solutions to global customers.

why smart mirror - The Popular mirror of 2020s

July 07.19

Why the smart mirror is so popular now? most luxury condos and hotels bring their latest smart mirrors to replace traditional ones, here are the reasons and know-how for it.

Canada Luxury Hotel Decor and Smart Mirror Solution

September 09.09

Smart Mirror is the popular trending of luxury hotel interior design solution today, Vercon smart mirrors provide the one-stop solutions.

Dubai Smart Mirror Projects

September 09.09

The largest property group - MAG group has purchased Vercon Smart mirror as the latest bathroom mirror, for the MBL residence projects in Dubai.

what is a smart mirror

June 06.04

Whats is a smart mirror? The bathroom is the most frequently used place in our family's daily life. The bathroom mirror is the main part of the bathroom room. Nowadays, the home has entered a smart period. An intelligent bathroom mirror emerges as the tim